VIP Only Server!

As the 1.13 Test Server was put out, it made me think, “Wow, this really helps me get a break from TC when it gets to hectic.” Then I had the idea that us VIPs should have our own Server to get away from all the questions we are asked in TC.
VIPs have worked really hard on this server, we were fresh off the boat when we first got VIP, but knowing how hard we have worked now, makes being a VIP a lot harder with people trying to order us around saying “Tp me to this person” Or “Tp me to you.” All of this should be good reasons of why we need our own server. Think about this, Tallcraft will have to pay for the server yes, but making it VIP, will be you have to pay for VIP to get there which helps Tall a lot with paying for it.
Also, there won’t be griefs (I hope) in this server, And there won’t be much rule breaking. Having a VIP only server would be great for all of us to get a break from all of those crazy things happening with Caps, Spammers, People who are swearing, and all that stuff when Staff aren’t online.
I don’t know about you VIPs and others, but that can get very stressful to get them to stop when a Staff member can’t be on. Just leaving and going to play with more people who are there for the same reason, is so much more relaxing. A VIP only server would be great to have.


It would be great to have a VIP only world.

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Many have had this idea in the past, and in theory, it would work. There’s a problem though. There are so few players that if all the vip’s went to a new world, there wouldn’t be enough of a population to keep the regular non vip worlds going. There would also be very few experienced players who could act as a guide or helper for newer players. If there was a higher population, with at least 20 or 30 players on at a time, it could absolutely work. But with our average of 5-10, it would likely just kill the server to do this.

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