We want your ideas!

We would like your ideas on how we could improve Tallcraft!

Important: This thread is meant for ideas for an event or for a new gamemode we could add to Tallcraft.
Other suggestions can still be posted as usual by making your own thread in the “Feedback”-category.

As usual with ideas, keep in mind that they are just ideas and some of them may be impossible or changed.

Post your ideas below and I will include them in the list up here.

Note that to keep things simple and to prevent fights, I will only list the first person who suggested the idea since this thread was made. Otherwise we would have to take into account everybody who suggested the same thing a year ago.

Accepted ideas so far:

New Monster Industries (@potatomaster and @Burturt)

@potatomaster and @StarField_9 have been working on a new version of Monster Industries. This version won’t just be an update of our current version of MI, but a complete remake. It will also have less of a mess behind the scenes which should make adding features down the line a lot easier.

Build battle (@potatomaster)

A build battle which would take place in creative mode where people would be able to vote for the different builds.

@Thierrycool: This could either be done as an event which takes place every now and then and maybe also tied to rewards for the winner(s) and/or this could be turned into a minigame which players could play like MI. However the latter will require a plugin or command blocks in order to be automated.

Community build project (@slimeman4)

A community build project revolving around a set subject. Subject could be decided by voting for example.

@Thierrycool: Note that I have started a build project in the past and after the voting was complete, some players got upset because their favourite wasn’t chosen and when I messaged players about it, a lot of them didn’t care about the project anymore…

Mob arena (@slimeman4)

Bringing back the mob arena where a player or a team of players play against waves of mobs.

Mazes (@potatomaster)

Could be anything from fixed mazes such as the one in a dropper map up to randomly generated mazes by a plugin.

See who can defeat the ender dragon the fastest (@potatomaster)

Players would get the same equipment and then try to defeat the ender dragon as fast as possible.

@Thierrycool: While possible, I think this would quickly become boring for players, so it’s not something that’s really repeatable.

Minigame about knocking players off of a platform or down a cliff (@potatomaster)

A minigame where players would spawn near a cliff or on a platform and try to knock each other down.

Custom dungeons or adventure maps (@potatomaster)

Custom dungeons or mini adventure maps which players could play through alone or with others.

@Thierrycool: I have suggested this a few years back but the issue is that it’s not that easy to have multiple servers available at all time for that (eg. players would have to wait until the last group of players finishes). This has always been an issue with MI.

Comedy/Talent show (@potatomaster)

A comedy show where players could perform.

@Thierrycool: Maybe combine it with a talent show?

Pixel art competition (@potatomaster)

Players could compete and make pixel art together.

@Thierrycool: Pixel art could be turned into a competition.

All ideas brought up so far

+ = Idea has been added.
- = Idea doesn’t fit the topic of this thread. This does not mean that it was a bad idea! It can still be suggested in its own thread here.

A. + (Suggested before start of this thread.)
B. + (Suggested before start of this thread.)
1. Already suggested.
2. -
3. -
4. -
5. That's too general. That's basically what this entire topic is about.
6. -
7. -
8. Already suggested.
9. +
10. Please elaborate.
11. Already suggested. (Almost the same as mob arena.)
12. +
13. +
14. Already suggested. (Again, just a specific type of mob in a mob arena, also see #11.)
15. Please elaborate. What is a "ghast blaster"?
16. -
17. -
18. You already suggested that yourself at #5.
19. -
20. +
21. + (Partially: Just the event part of it.)
22. -
23. -
24. -
25. -
26. - That's what we're doing here though. :P And we've had a section for suggestions for years, which we keep referring players to.
27. - See 26!
28. Already suggested. (I've combined your suggestions for custom dungeons and adventure maps.)
29. -
30. Monster industries 3? I think first we have to get 2 to work. (Although maybe you're calling the current one 2, since it has been updated several times.)
31. + (Added the pixel art part which could be turned into an event.)

A. + (Suggested before start of this thread.)

1. +
2. +
1. -
1. -
2. -
3. -
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Community build project maybe? I know it has been brought up in the past already. Also what about brining back the mob arena?

  1. community build projects
  2. more communication from the staff and owner
  3. an online presence, twitter, youtube, whatever
  4. have social gatherings where people can hang out in game. have cookies or something
  5. build more games for people to play
  6. have a place for people who win events to have statues or something
  7. involve the players in things, talk to them more
  8. creative build battles
  9. mazes
  10. invisible battles against a very powerful enemy that is visible
  11. zombie swarm vs a dozen noob gear players, last one standing wins a thing
  12. defeat the ender dragon the fastest with the same equipment
  13. TNT and blast immunity vs knockback stick near cliffs, no damage otherwise
  14. 10 iron golems vs high geared players
  15. arrows vs ghast blaster players.
  16. make more custom stuff, like exploding arrows, or magic armor that makes you run fast or something
  17. magic potatoes that are delicious
  18. make more minigames
  19. advertise your games more
  20. custom dungeons for advanced players or a group
  21. comedy performances by players, record it and put on youtube
  22. update the website and the content of the servers more often
  23. engage with new players, give them something to want to stay and do
  24. get specialized mods to make content and host events charisma is important
  25. update the main lobby hub world place
  26. have more idea conversations with players and mods
  27. let players have a voice on what they want in the future
  28. build some adventure maps
  29. fix your dropper maps
  30. get monster industries 3 finished and update it regularly.

thats my 2 cents for now.

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Temporary Free stuff / Cooldownable Trials? =3

Like, /tpa for 10 uses & reloaded after 12-24 hours of playing in-game? Owo

how about some art challenges. drawing challenges, fanart, commission some people to draw things for you to put on the website etc.

works with in game pixel art too.

-vote crate system
-ability for everyone to get custom spawners (such as cow) from vote crates and other good rewards
-a designated shops/mall area

That’s all I really have for now.

As I’ve said above, this thread is meant for new gamemodes and events. But feel free to suggest things such as an online presence (We do use Twitter) or shop-realted things, etc. in a new thread in the “Feedback”-category.

I will look through the things suggested so far later and then add the ones that qualify.

Updated the main post including everything that has been suggested up to this point.
If you have new ideas, please make a new post rather than updating your previous one, so we can keep things in order.

8 ideas out of 10 by potatomaster? not bad but i wanna turn that B into an A+

ill start by responding to the questions thierry had

  1. have a bunch of players fully invisible with no armor, only like… swords, and a player in full diamond armor by himself trying to beat them all.

  2. a ghast blaster is a flaming ball that spawns and sits in place until you punch it and then it goes flying in that direction just like when you reflect a ghasts attack with a weapon. so players with bows that are weak, vs ghast blasts that are strong with an AOE but hard to use. could be fun.

ok now onward to new ideas!

ill start on 31 to keep things clear

  1. music battles! give people redstone, note blocks, and a set time to make something that sounds good.
  2. hardcore survive map. double spawn rates, no ability to build, always night. no cheesing due to custom map. who can survive the longest!?! dump 10 peeps in at once for absolute chaos
  3. races! like the running kind, build some race maps
  4. king of the tower. no climbing, only fighting to knock everyone off. tnt and push sticks everywhere. let it rain tnt!
  5. more puzzles! riddles! and challenges
  6. enderpearl map inspired by portal. reach the end without dying!
  7. tag but whoever is IT has speed 3 and everyone else is invisible but with particles
  8. fetch quests. who can collect everything on the list first?
  9. hidden button maps
  10. gauntlet! fight your way through a dozen mob rooms to fight a boss which is a super chicken, mega bunny, and ultra squid.
  11. adventure maps based around tallcraft themes
  12. horse racing.
  13. “avoid the banana peels” map, where you have to beat the map with the minimum amount of bananas in your inventory, you cant drop them. something funny plays when you pick one up
  14. punch the cow. hasted cows running around. who can punch the most cows?
  15. escape rooms.
  16. a minigame where you collect watermelons and use them to either get points or buy equipment to fight enemies and steal their melons or defend your own. also they come out of cats.
  17. joke challenges every week. submit them here and the funniest ones win a prize in game.
  18. art challenges, draw your favorite tallcraft related thing
  19. collect the potatoes. kill zombies carrying potatoes, but beware its also your only source of food! do you eat them or try to save them?
  20. potion of invincibility falling challenge! can you hit yourself with it before you hit the ground? could be a fun addition to the droppers

there ya go. a few more~