What does everyone plan on doing in the 1.13 world?


What is everyone’s plans for 1.13? I personally haven’t even educated myself on all the new features in 1.13 yet lol. I plan on making a base for myself but also with some friends, that would be cool!


I’m going to find a nice island, build a modern base with a big aquarium (My plans are to make it much nicer than my current one which I have had since I started in 2015). On the same island I plan on building a modern town. That’s about it for now.


On the current world, I didn’t really do anything spectacular with my base, I just made a small bunker with a few useful redstone contraptions and such, in the new world, I want to make a giant base with everything I could possibly need, but it might not be as great as expected, I shall see


planning to build an oriental style town, maybe just a small easy village in any style. Gonna help with the community project, school starting soon so not much time online though so I will see what I can do.


Sounds awesome! Can’t wait to see.


I want to try building a town oriental too lol. That’s at least ond option I’ve came up with.


I should show you the oriental house I just made. Have you made any yet on TC?


yea that would be awesome. I haven’t made anything oriental on tc servers, just in singeplayer.


I think I probably gonna do the same thing. In the old world I made a small base but in the new one I plan on making the best base of all time :smiley:


Im gonne build a huge redstone base.