When Will Monster Industries Be Returning?

I recently went onto TallCraft to revisit Monster Industries. I noticed it wasn’t there and went onto the website to find out why. I now know why, but I was wondering when it will be coming back. The most recent topic I could find on this was from about 10 months ago and had no replies. Monster Industries was my favorite game. I don’t want to rush the creators of TallCraft; I just was wondering if you had an estimate of when it will be able to come back

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It’s broken in the newer versions of Minecraft

Ah, okay. Is it still available in other versions?

Not sure exactly, but I think TC has stopped running MI now

The original version of the map was not made to be on a server as it had to be deleted and copied from a fresh map every time it was played and things like the wither did not work well on the server. In addition, the map was in 1.12 and could not easily be upgraded to 1.13 command structure, so as minecraft versions increased, problems with playing on a newer version especially showed up when trying to trade with villagers and glass no longer appeared to connect. I was working on improving a version of the map made in 1.13 but did not have time to finish it; you can find this new map here: GitHub - starfield9/Monster-Industries: New and improved MI map!


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