Where is the Ban List?

Here: https://players.tallcraft.com/

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Update: There is also a ban list in-game now. Just use /banlist on any server.
We still plan to create a webinterface for the banlist though.


Update: I’ve implemented an API to query bans and players. There will soon™ also be a GUI for that.
The tech-savvy people can already use it :wink:

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Is the ban list going to be a completely new site different than the old one?

Yes I’m building a completely different GUI.

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Update: Beta version of new ban list
It doesn’t do much yet. The final version will be much better.

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Player profiles are now complete and include a players infraction history.
You can lookup players by using the search-bar at the top.
Example player profile

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  • You can click player names to show their profile
  • Activate dark theme with the button in the footer
  • Performance improvements (caching, bundle size)


  • Improved readability of player names (profile)
  • Fixed issue where empty player name in search would lead to an error
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