Where to build Aquarium?

I’ve made an aquarium in my singleplayer world and want to put it in TallCraft, but I don’t really know where to build it. Any suggestions?


(I know it’s weird to have an aquarium in a Japanese Castle is weird but it has a good vibe to it.)


Gift Shop:

Cool Door:

(Yes it opens)
(Edit: I tried to upload a 3.2MB Gif of it opening but it says it’s too big I swear 3.2MB is smaller than 4096KB)


surround it with a koi pond :smiley:

Nice build! Perhaps you could build it near or as part of the next wilderness.

So when the next wilderness location is announced I build it there or do I build it somewhere and the new wilderness just goes there?

Hey so I don’t know if you’re still looking for a place to build this, but I have a large area with several islands I’m planning on slowly filling up with builds like this. If you’d be interested I could show you around. It’s not near any wildernesses currently, but it’s near the edge of the map in a newer part on the south side. I love this build by the way!

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I built the Aquarium in TC!


Did you end up building it near zfas place?

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yes I did. (20 Char Limit)

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This is Beautiful :star_struck:

Hey if you are ever up for building another or even any other build i have much land and could do with lots of things like this :slight_smile: in game name is iamthe_faceofbow

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