Would like to be unbanned after 3 years

My Minecraft name is Emilkingen06, I was banned at the 21st of October 2017 for “cursing, caps and innappropiate languages”. I do admit, I was using some swear words, a couple times in the chat, like 2 or 3x. I did not entirely know that you couldn’t use swearwords in the server. But I do apologize for my actions and I hope that I can be unbanned. I believe in second chances, and as I’ve been banned for 3 years, I think that’s a fair enough punishment. I have learnt my lesson and will never swear again on the server. Please unban me.

Here is your ban https://players.tallcraft.com/player/d6a5cb67-38f5-43ed-aab5-30a9e2b97d10

Based on the info from th chat it was little more then just some cursing and innappropriate language, however after 3 years you should have learned your lesson. You’ll be unable but please read /rules and follow whats on them :smiley:

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I appreciate this, and it will never happen again. I realize it was wrong of me. However, I haven’t been unbanned yet and I’d be greatful if you could unban me.

Sorry for the delay! I’ve unbanned you. :slight_smile:

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