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To whom it may concern,

I was banned in 2016 by a past admin named Thierrycool. I Vaguely remember being told to never make another appeal by him years ago. I do not exactly remember what my ban was about anymore as I was 13 at the time. Im now 20. Ive reconnected with some older friends I made on this server about 7 years ago and honestly just wanted to come back and see how things were, play some dropper and just reenjoy some old minecraft.

Id like to state that Ive grown up a lot and I now work fulltime. I understand that whatever my behavior was when I was younger was unacceptable but Im hoping you can look past all that and understand that it has been 7 years, I am an adult now. I miss some people on Tallcraft that I havent seen or been able to contact in years since my ban. Some I do want to know how are doing and the welfare of as I remember how much of an impact they had on my life being so young. I know no one was perfect when they were a kid so Im just hoping you might be able to see from my point of view and try to understand that Im just an adult trying to find joy in some old hobbies and see some old memories that might give me a break from my 9-5 monday - friday job.

I also wish to add that after my ban on TC, I Became an admin of another server with hundreds of players daily. I went through and dealt with so much on that, that I apologize for anyway I behaved on the server as a child.

Thanks for your understanding and consideration.

Thanks for creating a dispute. Here are the bans: Tallcraft Players

I’ll discuss this case with the rest of the team and get back to you here.

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Thank you heaps.
Im happy even if you want to give me a trial basis back and watch me closely but i can promise i have no time for drama anymore and am old enough to fully understand the rules now.

Since you took time to write a thoughtful dispute and the ban is very old we’ve decided to unban you. Please review our updates rules before playing. Thanks!

Minecraft Server Rules

Thanks heaps! I appreciate it

Hello @ToxicWaste48 I noticed you asked about being unbanned from discord. What’s your discord username (case sensitive) and discriminator (the #1234 of your username)?

Katsopolis#3249 is my username on discord. That would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again

Done - you should be able to join https://discord.tallcraft.com/

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