2017 ban please check (survival)

My name used to be doggy1245, but I’m now Waaahau. I apparently got banned on 13/11/17 for building somewhere without permission. I don’t remember doing this , but I’m asking for an unban. I have been banned for being annoying once before ( I was 12 so sorry about that btw) and I kinda wanna play again just to experience the server. Please consider,


Wow, you’ve got quite the track record: https://bans.tallcraft.com/player/Waaahau
Though, since the ban is quite old, I’ve unbanned you.

I’m not sure about a few of those griefing ones.if you could show me where I did said griefings, I may remember, but all those warning are from me being an edgy and annoying 12 year old. Thanks

Don’t worry about it, we usually lift these very old bans.
Please have a look at our updated rules:

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