Allow Litematica to be used in TC

Litematica can overlay schematic files into the world so you can copy them block by block without problems. I know that you are worried about the “Paste Schematic In World” feature, but that is just a Creative Mode Only Function. (You can check yourself if you want to.)

I mean Litematica should be fine in most cases in my opinion, as it’s just a mod to visually display a certain build or machine that you’ve got in another world beforehand (I use it quite often to build redstone contraptions on the Tallcraft map that I already have built in a creative testing world). I think I contacted MeowingInsanely a while back, and they said it should be fine as it’s just a visual blueprint. I mean so far, it doesn’t seem like Litematic will get you banned at the very least, but there isn’t an explicit statement of it as a “allowed mod”.

(Oh btw, I think it not only needs Creative mode for the “Paste Schematic In World” feature, but it also needs access to /setblock).

Yes that should be fine to use. Thanks for checking in with us!

Thanks for the confirmation!

Also, I see that Star added Litematic to the allowed mods list: Allowed and forbidden mods . Just wanted to let you know that you probably want to put a disclaimer that printer isn’t allowed (that is, assuming someone ever got access to /setblock).