Allowed and forbidden mods

On the old forum we’ve had a list of allowed mods and forbidden mods, let’s make a new one! :smiley:
If a mod you would like to use, isn’t listed, please add a comment below.

Allowed mods:

  • Xaero’s Minimap (Fair Play)
  • OptiFine
  • MorePlayerModels
  • Kihira’s Tails Mod
  • Shader Add-Ons
  • 3D-Vision
  • Litematica
  • Lithium, Phosphor, and Sodium
  • AppleSkin

Forbidden mods:

  • X-Ray (including texturepacks)
  • Flymod
  • Speedhack
  • Jesus/Water Walking
  • Killaura
  • Spambots
  • AFK Bypassing Mods
  • Hacked clients in general

Note that if a mod isn’t on the forbidden list, it doesn’t imply that it’s allowed!


Teh Tails mod =3

(This is 20 characters =w=)

Added. :3

♪ Lalala the 20 character limit is sometimes very incovenient… ♪


Is the world downloader mod also allowed?

We can’t really prevent you from using it so, yes go ahead. :slight_smile:
It’s not really cheating since it only sees what the client sees.
Also it doesn’t know the seed so it only works for areas you’ve actually been to and chests you have opened.

Now, I wish I could’ve downloaded my area to continue working on it before my removal.

Add “Still to be tested mods”:
-Advanced Skin Customization
-Ama’s Damage Indicator
-Better Animal Models
-Better Animations Collection 2
-Coloured Tooltips
-Custom Selection Box Port
-Enchantment Descriptions
-Equipment Tooltips
FTB Utilities: Backups (edit: Only singleplayer worlds)
-Inventory Spam
Items Don’t Break! (edit: Doesn’t work in multi)
-Just Enough Items (JEI)
-Light Level Overlay Reloaded
-Particle Fixes
-Server Tab Info
-Shoulder Surfing Reloaded
-Smooth Scrolling Everywhere (Forge)
-TE Render Distance Options
-Toast Control
-Tool Helper
-Torch Optimizer

  • World Handler - Command GUI

Is the Badlion Client allowed? It has an API that allows servers to disable any mods they don’t want active so there’s no reason for it not to be allowed.

what about wings mod?

Can you send a link to this mod? If this just like adds wings as a visual thing to players and doesn’t give you any other advantages, it’s probably ok.

Hey sorry for late response here is the highest update for wings mod (1.8.9) [1.8.9] Wings Mod-1.2

are clients like lunar client or badlion client allowed?

I’ll need a description of what the mod does in order to make a decision, but also tallcraft only guarantees that you can join on the latest-ish version, and we do not support 1.8 client versions.

I have heard of these clients before but do not know what they can do. If you can point me to a feature/mod list, I can figure out what is allowed/not allowed. In general, performance mods like optifine, aesthetic mods like shaders, and some utility mods like litematica or fair mini-map are allowed.

they dont do things like give unfair advantages they just give useful tools ike coords without pressing f3, optifine features, clock and stopwatch, cps + keystrokes mod, and other stuff like that, again, no competitive advantage

Is the replay mod allowed. It records your game then you can go in the editor after you leave and make cinematic videos. I am just wondering because if you place keyframes in walls it shows caves. Its like when you go in spectator mode or when you do the piston composter glitch.

I see that Appleskin is still in the to be tested list. Appleskin has two main functions, #1 it adds a little icon at the end of food items if you hover over it which shows how much hunger/saturation it restores. I think that’s fair since it’s info that can be found on the wiki. The other main part is that it shows how much Saturation you have. I know Lunar Client also has a similar function to show how much saturation you have. Would it be considered fair or not?

Fair! I’ve added it to the list.

Should I ask for every mod I use to be approved, or just the ones that seem that are maybe a bit more debatable in mechanics?

Generally, we won’t list every allowed mod here. I’m actually considering removing this list completely and adding some more text to the rules describing the nature of allowed vs forbidden mods.

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