Asking for a chance for an unban?

Minecraft Name: Mikeman_1

My name is Michael, I go by the username Mikeman_1, nickname Mike. I was banned almost 3 years ago for previous, (from what I believe), cursing/offensive language by Admin Razew.

At the time I was in contact with a fair amount of players who generally disliked the server. There was quite a lot of turmoil back then in 2017 with me and a handful of others. I do understand the reasoning behind my banning, and I’m back here to apologize and ask for a chance back on the community that once meant quite a lot to myself. I’m not sure who will see this, whether it be Thierry, or Razew himself. I wish to apologize to the server for the offensiveness I brought, and hope that anyone responding to this understands.


  • Mike