Asking for a chance for an unban?

Minecraft Name: Mikeman_1

My name is Michael, I go by the username Mikeman_1, nickname Mike. I was banned almost 3 years ago for previous, (from what I believe), cursing/offensive language by Admin Razew.

At the time I was in contact with a fair amount of players who generally disliked the server. There was quite a lot of turmoil back then in 2017 with me and a handful of others. I do understand the reasoning behind my banning, and I’m back here to apologize and ask for a chance back on the community that once meant quite a lot to myself. I’m not sure who will see this, whether it be Thierry, or Razew himself. I wish to apologize to the server for the offensiveness I brought, and hope that anyone responding to this understands.


  • Mike

Hi Mike!

Apologies for the delay here, I’ve had to talk to all the staff members involved first.
After some discussion we’ve come to the decision to not lift the ban. Your behavior was highly disruptive for our community and is not tolerated. While in other cases we might decide to lift old bans, we still have the impression that this ban is justified.

Well, figured I’d give it a try. Sad day :frowning:

Is there any possible way to stay involved with the community? Other than just here through the forums? Or does my ban come with being banned from the discord? I really do miss the community you have going here @Tallcraft

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