Ban appeal - bhops

I haven’t been on tall craft in a while (I was last on in like june or july) and idk if I got hacked or something (I’m pretty sure didn’t tho) but I got banned for supposedly griefing/ stealing but at that time I wasn’t on for like 5 months because of school (when I tried to go back in). also the staff took down my friends house because it “wasn’t modern” but they could have at least warned her about it and if she didn’t fix it or take it down then they could have done that but that’s kinda rude to do (she also lost all the things that were in the house)
Hope you can help in some way i really enjoy the server but not when you guys are doing things like this
(btw I’ve been banned since October 17 2020)
Thank you for reading this

dude the rules for the town literally say that it has to be modern (Assuming PV is the town in question)


Your ban: Tallcraft Players

Given some data management issues, I have not found the original data that are binding for proof of griefing.
However regarding the stealing this was minor and my ban should not have been inflicted permanently.
I have requested staff to undo your ban effective immediately.

On a sidenote, Dre_Anna was sent an ingame mail and never reacted, where we have administratively agreed that 2 weeks notice is enough before builds that do not follow town rules can be removed.

However, her things are NOT missing.
They have been put in chests, right next to the build, locked, with her being the only one having access to it.

When you do come on, and find things missing in your own build, do not hesitate to create a ticket.
I have banned many for stealing out of your base as I recall for the last 6 months.

However I do find it odd that your statement of ‘thinking of having been hacked’ directly contradicts the fact that I observed you and your friend playing together on numerous occasions around the time of the bans inflicted during this period in August.

Anyway, welcome back, check the server rules, make sure you lock your chests.

This dispute is now closed, but I will leave the topic open for an admin to announce the unban to have been applied.

I’ve unbanned you - welcome back! Make sure you reread Minecraft Server Rules before joining!