Ban Appeal for a super old account

Minecraft Name: weskerluvr

Hey!! My names Liv and I’ve been playing minecraft for LITERALLY ages and about (I THINK) 6-7 years ago now I was banned on this server? I dont even really remember why… and I’m fairly sure it was not even me using the account at the time, so I definitely dont remember anymore.
Anyway… I’m literally just some 22 yr old tryna drop with my roommates. Yalls server has always stayed at the top of my computer ever since in case I could ever get back.

Any chance I could be unbanned? If not… is there any OTHER way I could ever come back?

Here is the ban record:

Since the ban is quite old I’ve unbanned you. Please read the rules before playing:

Thank you! I appreciate it.

I am so shocked it was ONLY from 3 years ago… I feel like it hasn’t been that short. I appreciate it so much anyway though.

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