Ban Dispute daniellerenee8

Hi, I have been banned around 5 years ago. I would really like to be unbanned because this was one of my favorite Minecraft servers. I understand why I have been banned, but I didn’t mean to come off that way. I was banned for AFK drowning and advertising. First, AFK drowning: I was in a cave, (I don’t really remember how the water came out) I think I may have broken a block that released water, and I didn’t have a way to remove it. Advertising: I was on a survival world with my friends, and I asked them if they wanted to go to another server with me. I had no intension of advertising, we just got bored after an hour or two on this server.

If you need my new username, (it has been changed multiple times) It is InquisitiveDani.

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Thanks for creating a dispute. Since this ban is very old I’ve decided to unban you.

Please read the rules before playing.

Happy crafting :slight_smile:

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