Ban dispute for Asher_50

Minecraft name - Asher_50
I was banned about 15 months ago from the survival server. I think my ban was a bit harsh considering
I did very little damage to the player’s base and took a small number of items that the player recovered from the moderators. I come back to the server now and then to check if my ban remains and I’m almost certain that it’s permanent, there wasn’t and still isn’t a large number of players on the survival server and that made me think that people quit and usually when someone quits they are either banned or quit themselves so that’s what made think it was alright to take items because I thought that they were abandoned. I see how it’s wrong to take players items and I hope you understood my state of mind at the time. I hope you know that I extremely like this server and would do absolutely anything to get unbanned from tallcraft. I am a different person now, I believe that I have matured a lot throughout the past 15 months. - Asher

Your bans: Tallcraft Players
Your previous ban disputes:

@emodog is the staff member who issued multiple warnings and the final currently active ban. In general, ban disputes for valid bans are extremely unlikely to be successful after already being unbanned from a permanent ban once and given multiple chances since.

i don’t think your ban was “too harsh”, considering you’ve been banned permanently before and have quite a few warnings and bans.

despite a player not being active for a few years doesn’t mean you can just grief and steal. no matter if we can restore, this is still breaking the rules. you can’t just break into a real life house that seems abandoned and steal something either. also, unless the player is banned, there’s still a chance they could return.

i’ve had a few disputes with you via discord which also make me think you don’t deserve to be unbanned. so no, you will -NOT- be unbanned.

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