Ban Dispute Please read

My Minecraft username is Chuchel (was ultrawither12 when banned) and I was banned by Thierrycool for capsing on July 27, 2017. I was younger when I did this offence, I was 7 years old and very new to Minecraft. I would appreciate if I could be unbanned as I would like to join this server again.

Hai =3

According to your ban, it included “Offensive language”.

Some Proofs

G3.1 G3.5 G3.4 G3.3 G3.2

However, I am not the one that banned you. I still wish to give justice to those that requires it.

That is all that I will say regarding your ban.

Take Care =<

since theirrycool is banned, someone else will have to unban you.


Sorry for the delay. This ban is so old we should definitely lift it! I’ve unbanned you.

Please read our updated rules.