Banned for stealing but that isn't against the rules

ZSniper432: I played this server for a few days on survival and when I got on on 04/18/20 I found out I was banned for stealing. I admit I was stealing, but after looking through the rules I could not find stealing anywhere in there. Also, if stealing is against the rules why not just make every chest that is placed down locked for everyone except for the person who placed it. What is the point having to manually lock chests if players are going to get banned for taking stuff out of an unlocked chest? I would appreciate if a staff member could respond to this and I would like to be unbanned as stealing is not against the rules you have listed on this website. If you want to ban people for this you should update your rules or give them a warning.

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For clarification, there is the “No stealing” rule though it is categorized as a grief in:

In which by stealing, you are clearly “Modifying” a structure in your case, the “shulker boxes”.

Added for more info from the term Griefer from Wikipedia:

Causing a player disproportionate loss or reversing their progress.

  • Destroying or modifying other players’ creations without any permission

As for being unbanned for the rule not listed in the website, there is:

Though as I explained, it is there, & so we would not change how we operate the server for the reason being that people could not follow the rules.

However, since you did steal reasonable obtainable but was in large quantity of items, I am willing to reconsider in a month.

As of this message, that was sent ~4 hours ago in case @MeowingInsanely wants to comment.

If there is no further dispute then I conclude that you have understood your actions.

The Ban shall not be lifted.

Dispute Closed

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