Minecraft Server Rules

A list of of official rules for our Minecraft Servers


These rules apply to both Minecraft and Discord chats. Due to the fact that in-game Minecraft chats are linked to Discord chats, Discord’s Terms of Service and Community Guidelines must also be followed in all chats.

  • Please do not use offensive language
  • Keep the chat “Family Friendly”. We have adults, but also minors playing and we would like to keep the chat clean.
  • Do not spam or use caps excessively
  • Do not attempt to bypass other players blocking you, like /ignore
  • Do not attempt to bypass chat filters. Having the chat filter block your message may be considered as a first/second warning. If you feel that your message should not have been blocked, please /report.
  • Sending hyperlinks in chat is allowed as long as they do not lead to sites containing malware, adult, hateful or extremist content or advertise services or products


  • Do not advertise other Minecraft servers or products
  • Naming Minecraft server is allowed as long as you’re not providing links or connection addresses


  • Modifying or destroying (griefing) another players structure without their explicit consent is not allowed and can lead to either a temporary ban (in case of a small violation) or a permanent ban.
  • Willfully, excessively destroying the landscape is not allowed
  • Stealing is not allowed, whether from chests or by breaking blocks and taking them.

Bugs, Hacks and other Client Mods

Do not abuse exploits or bugs in our server software or in Minecraft itself.

Hack clients and other mods where you gain an unfair advantage over other players are not allowed and will be blocked by our Anti-Cheat system. If we notice you are using a modded client violating our rules we may ban you permanently without prior warning.

Some client mods are permitted, but only after explicit excemption by staff Please check this topic concerning mods:

Alternate Accounts & VPNs

  • You are only permitted to play on the MC servers with a single Minecraft account
    => TLDR: Do not use multiple accounts to play on Tallcraft.
    If we notice you are using an alt account we will give you a warning or ban the account. In the future we might also introduce automated mechanisms to limit alts.
    If you are banned from the MC servers you are not allowed to bypass that with an alt account. Violation will eventually lead to an IP ban.
  • Do not share Minecraft accounts (let other players use your Minecraft account). If you do so we will treat it as an alt account of that player and might ban it.
  • You are allowed to switch to a different account (for whatever reason) but only if you stop using the old one. In this case please let staff know in advance.
  • Do not use a VPN to connect to our MC servers. For now we will review this on a case-by-case basis but VPN IPs might be blocked entirely in the future.

Our rules are subject to change without prior notice.
We reserve the right to ban you for reasons not listed here.