Basketing's ban dispute/appeal

IGN at time of ban: Saint_Abida
current IGN: Basketing
ban date: 7/8/2019
ban reason: Hacked client/x-xray

About a month ago I was banned for x-ray and I admit that what I did was wrong. When I was banned I was being super immature about it and probably ruined my chances of being untanned. I am sorry for hacking on your server I should not have done it and I have learned my lesson. I would just like another chance to show I have changed. again I am truly sorry for cheating on your server this is my favorite survival server and I do not know why I cheating on it. my IGN at the time was Saint_Abida but i have changed it to Basketing. I will try to respond to any messages as soon as possible and I will be willing to take any punishment given to me.

Hi @Thierrycool, could you please have a look?

This ban dispute was just recently handled here: I got banned for xray .

Please refrain from creating further ban disputes as this might result in a forum ban.

Closing this.