Can I be unbanned?

Dear TallCraft staff,
around two years ago (11-4-18) I was banned from TallCraft by Thierrycool for multiple griefs I understand that I may have said bad words and take full responsibility for it. I love TallCraft in every way whether it is playing survival or the droppers, I used to play with my friends or just alone either way I would have a ton of fun! I will never swear again on this server or grief another persons build. I am sorry for any damage that I may have caused or feeling that I may have hurt because of my actions.


Hey TallCraft staff! bemcat7 here,
I put in a request to be unbanned around a week ago, I’ve been noticing that a lot of peoples requests were answered within a few days and I don’t mean to be rude but I also noticed that the staff member I was banned by I think is no longer a staff… sorry for adding another topic instead of waiting for longer I was just curious.


Hi! Sorry for the delay. Since the ban is very old I’ve decided to unban you. Welcome back!
Please read the rules.

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