Can I get unbanned. I'm sorry

Aidanfun100: I took from what looked like abandon buildings and villages and active bases

I would like to be unbanned because Tallcraft survival is really fun and was my first minecraft survival server I played on. I would like to come back to the game even if that means resetting me back to beginner. I regret the decision I made and promise to never do anything wrong again.

PS. I’m fine with not getting unbanned for what I did but if it would be possible could someone split all of my things I have at my base (and shops) and give it to the people I took from and let me know if you do cause it would make my day.

Your ban:

A few examples of proof out of Lunar Village, 4 reports of griefing and/or stealing.


There is more rollbacks I have done, but your griefs do give me a feeling of some juvenile intent…
Just breaking fence gates at an animal holding compounds is really not a nice thing to do…

As you seem to acknowledge your wrongdoings and take the effort to dispute your ban in an adult manner, I will have your ban lifted by the end of this month.

In the meanwhile, please get acquainted with the server rules:

Dispute Closed