Could I Possibly Get The Dropper Diamond Armor? (Addition To My Last Post From Last September)

Hey guys! It’s Aqua :D. This is the second part of the saga of “I got kicked out of the trophy room - I lost my trophies in dropper.” (Which was also by me). In addition to last September, I couldn’t receive all of my trophies as my inventory could not hold all 39. I ignored it for a long time (to be honest, this probably wasn’t the best call) as I wasn’t playing on dropper as much as I was playing on survival.

As you could probably tell from the title, I just want the incredible diamond armor :,). If not, that is 1000% fine! I completely understand, as I currently do not have all of the trophies in hand.

Sending much love to all!
~ Aqua <3

Edit 1 minute later: I want to clarify that I did get some trophies back, but they’ve been bugging out and I, for some reason, cannot put the trophies into the chest to get new ones. I didn’t bother to post a ticket about this because it’s usually my internet.

Second Edit: ah sorry for the edits xD but I can’t stack the trophies either**

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