I Got Kicked Out of the Trophy Room - I Lost My Trophies In Dropper

Hi! First time adding anything on here.

I finally got all 39 trophies in dropper and decided to turn them in. I was turning in the very last few trophies when I suddenly was in the lobby ? It kicked me out of the trophy room and I lost of the trophies I did not have doubles for. I honestly don’t know what happened. I just want to know if anyone could help me find out what happened or maybe help me to possibly get them back.

Thank you so much!

A log is kept of all the trophies you entered the last 5 times you entered the room, so please do not re-enter the room until the trophies are refunded. Make a ticket in-game using /report and a staff member (probably myself) will give you back the trophies when I have time.

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rip, if u want i could give you some of my trophies, i have doubles of a few

The problem is I don’t exactly remember which ones I lost - Thank you though!

ill give you all of them if u want, dont rlly play dropper much

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