Diamonds as the new currency

Not much of a fan of this new currency. I feel like mining for diamonds means everyone will have less money, as well as it being harder to get money. I feel like this is the way because:

  1. Diamonds are rare to find - yes I know that the farm world has increased in size, but with the number of players on TC, it’ll still be hard to find diamonds.
  2. For players that don’t come on more often (such as myself), getting money will be real hard. I know that you can set up a shop (like I have done) but keeping up with the demand requires regular logging on etc, and so the next time you log on, you won’t have much money to buy things

Just my thoughts, I know that for some people this is a good change.
What do you think?

  • Yay, diamond as currency is cool
  • I preferred gold

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The issue with gold and almost every other possible item to base the currency on is that it can be easily farmed to crazy levels of inflation–in this case, with zombie pigmen/zombified piglin farms. For farm worlds, you can always go mining - I doubt people will be able to mine out the entire world before it resets. I can definitely see the argument though that we should have given more time or warning before switching over though.


personally, gold used to be just as hard to find. then slowly over time the mesa came which usually held lots of gold, you could smelt gold weapons/armor into gold nuggets, people made gold farms and now, in the nether, it’s easy to find nether gold ore which you can find super easily. in the matter of about an hour, i ended up with 4 stacks after a mining session.

coming back after around 4-5 years, i was shocked how easy it was to obtain gold. i can see how it easily broke the economy. yeah, it will take a while for the market to recover from this and get new prices.

diamonds can not only be found with mining but treasure chests, ships, trading with villagers- there’s ways to obtain diamonds fairly easily. find a method that works for you and you’ll be set, eventually.

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So diamonds are harder to obtain. They should be worth way more than gold. Gold is easier to mine in the warp_farm_nether (it resets) than minging for diamonds in the overworld (limited). The overworld is huge so there’s much diamond to mine if you can find them. So with players that don’t get on often, I think giving diamonds a high value with give you more money in return if you find them. Although, you can find chests with diamond armor in the end city but it’s still more effort than getting gold in the farm nether.

I’m on my phone, what is the buy and/or sell value for diamonds? This new change will benefit the economy and not have it inflate so much.

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I like this idea! Having the diamonds priced a bit higher (rather than $100) would actually be quite good.

Seriously? Diamonds are currency now? With no warning? I… wow…

i mean there are ways to make diamond farms, not gonna go to into detail but yea

What I like to think of would be some kind of exchange. As if you could trade a set amount of gold ingots to diamonds. That way, the amount of gold you may have accumulated over time is not immediately lost regarding its value. I suppose an exchange rate of 10:1 (10 gold ingots for one diamond) would be fair. Are there any concerns regarding this idea?


Even with a 10 gold to one diamond exchange, people with enough motivation could still get crazy rich and get a lot of money from gold farms and the nether. People will think outside the box they are stuck in. Just one trip to the nether or a gold farm might not be much, but many trips over and over can cause them to get enough gold to turn into diamonds for them to take to the bank…

…but I’m not quite sure how to change the gold to diamond ratio to make sure the economy doesn’t break again while still being able to convert gold ingots to diamonds.

Personally, I prefer diamonds. Over the past year, I’ve made some deals with people regarding some money, and just from that, you could tell; the economy was CRACKED.

People would sell a single head that isn’t one of a kind for one million, a completely absurd price. There was a huge imbalance in the community, the people who had gold farms would prosper, the people without would not. I was doing quite well even without gold farms, as I had obtained a few rare skulls over the past year and a half.

You can tell the economy is going downhill when people make forums post about “How to make money quick” and one of the reasons is from gold farms. I think that now, money will be more valuable than before, which was VERY necessary.

Nobody should have billions just because of an easy to abuse game mechanic. I understand that people are upset by the change, but things could’ve been a LOT worse(emeralds or iron as currency). Gold was just too easy to obtain.

Diamonds are not hard to get. Strip mine at y=11 with silk touch/fortune(I prefer using silk touch and using super breaker on diamonds to get extra ore, and then going home and mining the diamonds with fortune, you get a ton of diamonds just from a 1-5 vein).

While yes, I agree, diamonds could be increased in price a tiny bit, not up to what everyone is saying, $300. I don’t know who thought $300 for a single diamond was fair, but it really isn’t. $200 at the most for a diamond, and I think $150 would be a good in between.

After a few weeks, things will be better than how they were with gold currency. Also, the point of having money is to be able to buy things. People get all that money and then never spend it on anything major.

There’s a problem with how everything would work either way if tall let us know it was happening. If he let us know it was happening, people would’ve spent all their money on diamonds before the economy changed and they’d still have 1/3 of the money they had before, which is still a huge amount, considering some people had millions and millions of dollars.

Anyways, diamond as currency will be better than gold as currency, sorry for anyone I may have offended in this post, I was just trying to make a statement.
That’s all from me,


If there was a heads-up notice, I’m sure people would cash in their stashes. It’s better for the economy that our gold reset to 100k if you had that or more.

If there is an undiscovered dupe glitch or diamond farm, I’d hope you’d tell Tallcraft or I’d mark you as sus.
I couldn’t find any.

i did ask tall about this, and he said people can build farms- it’s something that can’t really be forbidden.
unsure about dupes though, since technically dupe glitch would be an exploit.

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I highly doubt dupe glitches would work in multiplayer anyway

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IMO I like this, Diamonds take effort to get but to get gold all you do is build a massive laggy farm and its very annoying.

You do realize even with diamonds people can make a massive laggy farm to dupe them, even though that’d be taking advantage of bugs.

I’m not aware of any working diamond duplication glitches. If you do find one please reach out!


It’s not a dupe glitch, it’s to do with the mcMMO salvage feature

Yep, pretty sure they’re all for bedrock edition

I found a few that work through tutorials, but most are either not auto, only singleplayer, or use exploits. I hope everyone is smart enough to not use any though.