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Hey there i am looking to as for the unban of IridescentMoon i believe yes they may have done wrong and honestly it is hard to tell which side is right but i must say with moon being a friend of mine and always having been so helpful and kind in game i do not believe they are a player so want to lose ? More and more people join the survival to leave moments later and even those who do stay leave after a few weeks and i have been around long enough to see this happen many many times so i hate losing good players.

I also think someone who is willing to go through so much and to even type out so much for a ban dispute shows how much they wish to be on this server which is a nice change for the standard request of “im sorry ive changed unban me”.

Now i do for the staff to be covered have lets say an ultimatum, my suggested which i beg to be accepted is this that moon is change from perm ban to temp ban even for a few more days or is unbanned now and is then put on probation and is monitored now and then, should they continue their action then they should yes be banned forever i agree but should they do better and no longer “cheat” if they were (again no sides) then they should be left to stay in the server.

I will also add that moon has not asked me to do this, i have been on this server many many years and i miss so many people i just hate to see the good ones make mistake, so if moon agrees to abide by the rules with no further arguing on the subject and it is left in the pass then i wish staff to consider my plead to give them one more chance

Thank you

IridescentMoon is unbanned? Tallcraft Players.

It might be a little confusing since the “Unban time” is empty, but to check if someone is actually unbanned, check for whether the ban has “Active: true” or not

Either way, what ended up happening is they were unbanned due to a possibility of innocence, and then the rules were amended to define exactly what constitutes being active, AFK and not responsive, and AFK bypassing/cheat usage. Current AFK rules: Minecraft Server Rules

I double-checked and yeah, what Star said; Moon’s not banned. Rest easy.

Aww sorry when i checked the players it said they were still banned on my end sorry about that :slight_smile:

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