Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

This list should serve as a place to check before asking a player or staff member. It can also be linked to in the Chat if one of the questions here arises. If you think something should be added, feel free to send me a message or leave a /mail ingame. :koala:

#1 How do I get unbanned?

Check the Ban Dispute guide at: .

#2 I have a problem with the server/have been griefed/have seen a player breaking the rules! What do I do?

Create a single ticket per issue using /report at the location of the rule breaking if applicable and then wait. If your issue is not server-related or you are unable to join the server, create a topic on here or ask on the Tallcraft Discord chat in the #help-channel, but do not ping a staff member. Also see the question below!

If you have an issue you’d rather discuss in private, you may /mail a staff member or message them directly in-game or on the forum, or as a last resort, send an e-mail to [email protected]. Also, use this e-mail if you have an issue you would like to discuss with Tallcraft directly, but consider asking an Admin or Moderator first.

#3 When will my ticket or report be handled?

Tickets and reports are handled when a staff member finds the time. Keep in mind that this is a volunteering job and staff is not being paid. Do not message or ping staff members about tickets or reports. Just create a single ticket per issue using /report ingame and then wait.

#4 A punishment was issued for something not explicitly stated in the rules! What do I do?

Not everything is stated in the rules. If we wanted to make a complete list of rules, we would have something called the law, just like every country does. Stating everything in the rules is impossible and wouldn’t make any sense for a Minecraft server.

Use common sense when playing. If you still believe the punishment was unjustified, tell the affected player to write a ban dispute.

#5 A staff member refused to help me with something! What do I do?

First, check out “When will my ticket or report be handled?” above. Also keep in mind that staff is not here you help you to play the game itself. There are many useful guides and tutorials on how to play Minecraft, also make sure you check out the Minecraft Wiki at

Staff members will also not just give you free items from creative mode (This is forbidden, however items from their survival mode storage are ok.) or help you mine out an area, edit something or give you extra permissions on the server.

If you still think the staff member should’ve helped you with that issue, message an Admin or send an e-mail to [email protected].

#6 How do I claim things?

First of all, do not claim anything that’s owned by another player! Doing so might result in a warning or ban.

To claim things, you need a golden shovel. You should’ve gotten one when you joined. In case you’ve lost it, you’ll have to make another one or borrow one.

How to claim things is shown in this video:

#7 What do the staff members do and what are their roles?

A lot of people might think at first glance that Tallcraft doesn’t do much as it’s mainly other staff members that reply to players’ tickets. But Tallcraft works mostly in the background to make sure the server is up and running at all times. He does a lot of technical work such as updating plugins, configs and server software. He also manages the website, the forum and the shop.

The admins, just like the moderators, work on the tickets and handle the reports and issue punishments when necessary and help out players. They also have additional permissions and help out the moderators as well as train new ones. The admins also work on more technical things behind the scenes.

The moderators, work on the tickets and handle the reports and issue punishments when necessary. They also help out players if they have a question or need other help with something (within reason).