What NOT to do when trying to get unbanned

Here are some things you should never do when attempting to dispute a ban.
This is to help players on having a better chance at getting unbanned as those things can easily be avoided. :slight_smile:
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#1 Be rude/disrespectful.

“Hey what were you thinking when you banned me? Are you just stupid?”

I think this one is self-explanatory. :stuck_out_tongue:

#2 Lie.

“Hey, I never griefed. The players just made that up, but it never happened.”

We have logs of the edits and the chat. Don’t try to lie and deny what you did as that will just drastically decrease your credibility along with your chances of getting unbanned.

#3 Tell us what to do.

“Hey, griefing should be allowed. That rule makes no sense. Unban me and then allow griefing.”

Suggestions are welcome, but ban disputes aren’t the right place for that. To make it simple: If you play on a server, you have to stick to that server’s rules. Similar to when you visit anyone’s house in real life.

#4 Getting all your friends to go after the staff member and/or threatening/blackmailing.

“Hey, unban me or we’re going to get more accounts and grief more.”

By doing this, you pretty much prove that you’re just in for a fight which is not what we want here.

#5 Messaging staff on Discord/Skype/etc. about getting unbanned.

“Hey, will you unban me?”
“Hey, I made a ban dispute, unban me.”

Ban disputes are handled on the forum. Post the ban dispute and then be patient. If there really is no reply for several days, you may send a message to a staff member or tell someone on the server to do so.
Also see #3 at Frequently Asked Questions .

All of those things happen very often with a great increase in the past year and could easily be avoided in order to have a better chance at getting unbanned.

And as always: Think before you post. :wink: