Grav820 ban dispute


I would just like to first wish anyone who reads this is very healthy along with their family during these trying times. I was banned back on 1/13/2019 for major stealing and this is my third ban dispute I believe, so apologies for any inconveniences this may cause, but I truly just wish to get back on Tallcraft, explore my old builds, and expand my base. I have no malicious intents, I would just really like to build as I haven’t played minecraft since I was banned.

Thank you.

Thanks for following up on your ban. I’ve discussed it with the team and we think you should get a second chance. However, future rule violations (especially with this extend) will result in a permanent ban.

Please read our updated rules before playing:

I thank you all very much for the second chance but I just got on and it appears I’m still jailed.

I’ve unjailed you. Thanks!

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