Grav820 Jail appeal

I was jailed Aug. 3 2018 for picking up a glitched item out of a chest that another player told me would be find and that staff wouldn’t care about it since he has done it so much but I was jailed and the item was deleted but the other player was banned. I have been jailed for over 4 1/2 months. No one has done anything with my case when I was told that staff was looking at it and it was completely forgotten. My ban sentence would’ve bern shorter then this and I would just like to play, thanks.

Thierrycool is the staff member that jailed me.

I have been jailed for 4.5 months and no one has done anything with my case, can I PLEASE get unjailed so I can play over the break while I have time since 4.5 months is wayyy longer than a ban would’ve been.

Awaiting reply from @Thierrycool

That is not entirely true. You have told me yourself that you were stealing from chests in the old survival world, which already would be a permanent local ban. Since some other player told you that it apparently was ok to steal there as it’s “just the old world”, I have decided not to ban you right away. I have asked you for the stolen items, which you then gave me. When I’ve looked at the old survival world, I saw that you have stolen a lot more items than you’ve returned and you seemed to be hiding them on purpose.


  • Your ban would’ve been permanent anyway.
  • It was never about stealing just one item.
  • You stole a lot more than you’ve returned and seemed to try and hide those items on purpose.

I apologize for being very rude earlier, what other items are you talking about, I told you about the ones in the end chest and the other chest and thats all I’m aware of. I’m sorry that I didn’t realize that that would result in a permanent ban. Is there any chance that I would be able to get unjailed or unbanned, thanks.

Or could I maybe be unjailed for just this week as this is most likely my only week I will have to play because of school and sports etc. @Thierrycool

I have looked at the logs again as promised and have seen that there are over 45 pages of them, of just you stealing things from storages in the old survival world. That more than justifies a permanent ban.

If I had checked more carefully back then, I would’ve banned you right away.

I apologize to you, but also everybody else involved into this for letting this be dragged on for so long, I should’ve reacted much faster.

Even though this isn’t a ban dispute, I will now handle it as one and already post the proof to save us all from any further wasted time.

Your ban:

You have stolen from a lot of chests in the old survival world. In total, you have stolen multiple thousands of items.
I didn’t look at the full logs back then, which is why I didn’t see that. My fault, yes.

This alone more than justifies a ban, so I will not go into further detail about the items you seemed to be hiding from me nor the fact that you also broke blocks there, as it doesn’t really matter at this point.

Here are just some examples from what you have stolen:









There’s a lot more…

Finally, I would like to add something for everybody: While this was not the reason for the ban, telling other players to “spam Thierry about it” and things similar to that, never helps. Also, stasrting a petition against me online doesn’t get you much either.

We never have and never will let us pressure into making decisions.

Ban remains permanent.
Dispute closed.

PS: I suggest to everyone who is now looking for some kind of revenge about this, to think about it first. Don’t let a banned player get you banned. I would prefer not having to issue more bans regarding this matter, thank you.