Hubbagub Ban Appeal

Good evening!
Back in June of 2018 I got banned from Tallcraft through abusive and foul language. I do not attempt to excuse or downplay what I did. I’m fully aware what I did was wrong. If I were to be unbanned I’ll be sure NEVER to act out the way I did again. I agree, the ban was fair and I don’t expect to be unbanned. However today, I came back to the server after recommending it to one of my friends who hasn’t played in a long time. To my surprise, I’d forgotten I’d gotten banned. I deeply regret what I did and simply ask to be unbanned. I would be perfectly fine and see it as grace if I were to be muted instead.
Thanks so much for your time, I apologize in advance if you go to check the logs.
IGN: Hubbagub

Hi Hubbagub!

Since this is your first ban and it’s quite old already, I’ve decided to unban you.

Please have a look at our updated rules:

Thanks so much! I really appreciate it.

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