I got banned for griefing on survival three years ago, and I would like to get unbanned


My name is Giulio (it’s fine if you can’t pronounce it), and I would like to get unbanned from survival on the TallCraft server in Minecraft. You see TallCraft was first ever Minecraft I ever played on, and I was very new to the game. Since I was so new to the game, I did not really know how to play at all. The first time I logged on to the I met this nice player who helped me with so much and taught me so much about the game (though unfortunately I cannot remember his name). But I started getting greedy and I found this house that did not have the land claimed for it. So, I jumped at the chance and took it. When I took it, I started adding on to it without the owners permission. I also may have broken some other rules without realizing it. But, I would actually thank MeowingInsanely for banning me from survival because if MeowingInsanely hadn’t, I would have not realized that the things I have done on this server were bad. TallCraft is a truly amazing community, and that is why it holds the title of my favorite Minecraft sever of all time. Thank you for your time.

Truly Yours, Giulio.

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Hi Giulio! Sorry for the late response. Since your ban is quite old I’ll lift it. Before playing please go through our rules.

Ban history

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Thank you so much for unbanning me!

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