I got griefered again, I don't know who did it

Hello, I just wanted to tell you, that someone stole my bacon and my enchanting table. I don’t know who did it, but last time, when Flounder_ _ _ griefered me he stole the same stuff that got stolen from me now. It might have been Flounder, who logged in from another account, but I am just guessing. Also, my land was all claimed, so I don’t know how that might have happened, hax maybe?
I think, that I will have to build my house in another place, I hope, that you find the griefer :slight_smile:
It is sad, that people still do griefer, I hope that they will understand that griefering is bad))

Thank you for understanding

  • Milky_Wayy

Please create a ticket ingame about this since we can’t know which place you are talking about.

See #2 on Frequently Asked Questions .