Im so sorry, would you please unban me?!

I’m going to completely apologize! I was joking around with people and my friend in the server. I did not mean to make anyone uncomfortable, or offended. I understand why I was banned. If you could unban me, it would do me a lot. I really want to play TallCraft and have fun on it, because its such a wonderful server.

My user is: GabePehrson, me and my brother share an account. I also promise to never do anything like this again, and make sure to think before sending messages that may offend of make people uncomfortable. <3


So here’s your ban:

As you can see, you haven’t been banned for long, so I would recommend you get acquainted with the server rules here: Minecraft Server Rules and wait out the few days until your ban is up.

Okay, thank you so much! <3

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