Missing money on /balance?

I haven’t played on Tallcraft in quite some time and I just got on today (6/30/21) and did /balance to see that my balance is now only $100,000 compared to the couple million it was a month or two ago. Obviously, this is quite concerning considering all my years of work on this server is all of a sudden gone. I don’t believe I gave my money away, or bought anything very expensive. Please let me know if anyone has any clue as to what happened to my money.



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Hiya darlin!

TC changed the economy not too long ago, so all of our balances were reverted back to $100k, regardless of how much or little you had to start with. With this economy change, the currency is also no longer gold ingots, and is diamonds instead.

I’m not too thrilled about it, but it is what it is! If you have any shops, I recommend changing the prices because the worth of stuff has changed drastically because of the economy change.

Have a great day!

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See Economy change - Gold to Diamonds

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