Survival Rank Guide


Tallcraft Survival has a unique rank system in which you rank up by playing the game.

We use mcMMO which tracks you while you’re playing and enables you to gain levels for certain activities, such as Woodcutting, Excavation, Swords, Mining, […].
All of your levels add up to a number called Powerlevel. Depending on your Powerlevel you climb up in our rank ladder.

mcMMO Skills

Visit the mcMMO Wiki for more information about the plugin.


Every rank has 10 levels. E.g.: Starter1, Starter2, […], Starter9, Starter10.
The list of ranks and their required Powerlevels:

Rank Powerlevel
Starter 0
Member 55
Farmer 160
Miner 325
Builder 530
Designer 765
Expert 1040
Ultimate 1400

Rank Perks

When start on the server as Starter1 you already have all the basic commands. Some commands, however, you will unlock in the higher ranks.
With every rank you gain one additional home which you can set with /sethome <name> and teleport to with /home <name>.


You can go to the nether with /nether, use the command /back to teleport to your last location and auction items with /auction.


You can use /top to teleport all the way to the highest block on the position you are standing. Use Middle Mouse Button or /stack to automatically sort your inventory. If you have too many items in your inventory you can use /ci to clear it or /disposal to open a trash bin. /warp can be used to quickly teleport to important locations.


This rank is the highest on Tallcraft Survival and unlocks the following commands:

  • /ptime [night|day|noon|reset] - Change the time! This change only affects you. Other players and mobs will still live in the normal server time.
  • /pweather - Change the weather (also just for you)
  • /near - Shows a list of nearby players.
  • /eseen - Check for how long a player has been on or when a player was last online

Check the Command Reference for a full list of commands.

That’s it for now! If I forgot anything feel free to add it!