Survival Rank Guide

Tallcraft Survival has a unique rank system by using the mcMMO plugin, which tracks you while you play the game and do certain activities such as Woodcutting, Mining, Swords, Excavation, … [more ranks can be found below.]

All your levels add up to your Powerlevel, which determine your current rank.

If you would like to learn more about the mcMMO plugin, please click here.


Here is a quick rundown of the skills, along with descriptions:

Skill Description
Acrobatics Jumping from great heights and taking damage.
Alchemy Brewing potions.
Archery Attacking mobs with a bow.
Axes Attacking mobs with an axe.
Excavation Digging dirt, sand, gravel, … with a shovel.
Fishing Fishing. That’s all there is to it.
Herbalism Farming and breaking plant-related blocks (Wheat, Grass, Mushrooms, Seagrass, …) Leaves on trees do not count.
Mining Mining and breaking stone and ores with a pickaxe.
Repair Repairing your tools and armor with an iron block. Also levels up while smelting ores.
Salvage Child skill of “Fishing”. Lets you salvage items with a gold block.
Smelting Child skill of “Mining”. Mainly helps with possible doubling of items during smelting.
Swords Attacking mobs with a sword.
Taming Taming animals and letting your dogs fight.
Unarmed Attacking mobs with your bare fists.
Woodcutting Breaking trees with an axe.


Every rank has 10 levels. [Starter1, Starter2, … Starter9, Starter10]

Here’s the list of ranks and their required Powerlevels:

Rank Powerlevel
Starter 0
Member 55
Farmer 160
Miner 325
Builder 530
Designer 765
Expert 1040
Ultimate 1400
Explorer 20000

Rank Perks

As Starter1 you already have the basic commands. However, more commands can be unlocked with higher ranks.

With every rank you gain one additional home which you can set with /sethome [name] and teleport to them with /home [name]. The home “bed” counts as a seperate and extra home.


Once you reach the Member rank, you get these additional commands:

Command Description
/nether Go to the nether dimension.
/back Go back to your latest/death location.
/auction Auction items to earn money.


Once you reach the Expert rank, you get these additional commands:

Command Description
/top Teleport all the way to the highest block on the position you are standing.
/chestsort Enable/Disable automatic chest sorting.
/unload Unloads player’s inventory (except hotbar) into matching chests.
/search <item> Searches for items in nearby chests.
/dump Dumps player’s inventory (except hotbar) into any chests nearby.
/invsort Enable/Disable automatic inventory sorting.
/ci Clear your inventory. This cannot be undone.
/disposal Open a mobile trash bin you can open at any time.
/warp Can be used to teleport to important locations. Do /warps to see the names of preset locations.


Once you reach the Ultimate rank, you get these additional commands:

Command Description
/ptime [day/noon/night/reset] Change your personal time. Note that this only affects you, while other players live and mobs will spawn based on the server time.
/pweather [storm/sun/reset] Change your personal weather. Note that this will only affect you and not other players..
/near Shows a list of nearby players.
/eseen Check for how long a player has been on or when they were last online.


VIP is a optional, purchasable rank on the Tallcraft Store. What perks you get with VIP, as well as other commands useful on the server, can be found in the Command Reference thread.

Short FAQ

Q: What’s the best way to level up?
A: Level up the skill that’s the lowest level for you. You can check the level of each rank with the /mcstats command.

Q: Are AFK-Farms allowed?
A: They aren’t forbidden, but anti-AFK will kick you after 15 minutes. We do not encourage them, however.

Q: Are Skills enabled?
A: Yes! Some skills are indeed enabled, such as Giga Drill for Excavation or Super Breaker for Mining. Some are disabled, such as Blast Mining*, since it could be used to grief other player’s homes easily.

*Note: Blast Mining doesn’t work because explosions are disabled by default. This can be enabled on claimed plots, and is enabled by default on the farm worlds, making Blast Mining a feasible way of mining in these resource dimensions.