Command Reference 📋


A list of useful commands across our servers. :keyboard:
I’m collecting useful commands over time. If there is something missing please let me know by replying to this topic!

Some commands have a lot of options and provide their own help pages in-game. Try to pass help, e.g. /auction help. There is usually also an in-game command list, try /help.

Global Commands :earth_americas:

Command Description
/server <server-name> Switch servers. Valid servers are lobby, survival, dropper, mi
/glist Shows a list of online players across all servers.
/msg <player> Send a private message to a player.
/report <message> Create a new ticket for the staff team. Use this to report griefs or players violating the rules.
/ticket Shows your open tickets.
/ticket help All ticket commands
/banlist Show a list of bans issued by staff

Survival :crossed_swords:

Command Description
/rules Rules for the Survival Server
/list See who is online on the server.
/afk Mark yourself as AFK
/treeassist toggle Disable / enable auto tree felling.
/ci Clear your inventory. Careful! This cannot be undone.
/near List players nearby.
/time Shows exact current server time.
/ptime Change the time! (Only affects you).
/pweather Change the weather! (Only affects you).
/eseen Check when a player was last seen (online)

Teleportation & Getting around
Command Description
/spawn Teleport to the start zone
/wilderness Teleport to the wilderness. A teleport point which changes regularly
/shop Teleport to the shopzone.
/cityportals Teleport to the cityportals.
/nether Teleport to the Nether dimension
/warp [name] Teleport to a selection of useful locations
/sethome [name] Set a home at your current location.
/home [name] Teleport to a previously set home
/back Teleport to your previous location. Very useful if you died and want to go back.
/top Teleports you to the highest block on the position you are standing.

Trading & Money
Command Description
/money Show your current balance on the server.
/pay <player> <amount> Send money to another player.
/trade Send a trade request to a nearby player.
/auction Auction (sell or buy) an items on the server.


You should claim land to protect it from others destroying it. This is done with a golden shovel.
Some useful commands for land claiming:

Command Description
/trust <player> Give another player permission to the claim you are standing in.
/untrust <player> Remove build permissions for a player.
/abandonclaim Remove your claim (everyone can build).

All land claiming commands

Command Description
/mcstats Shows statistics for your mcMMO skills.
/mcrank Shows your rank (skill level compared to other players.
/woodcutting, /mining, /swords, […] Show detailed infos for your skills / skill progress.
/mcability Toggle on / off your abilities.

All mcMMO commands

VIP Commands :large_orange_diamond:

Command Description
/tpa Send a teleport request -> Teleport to a player
/tpahere Send a teleport request -> Teleport a player to you
/jump Teleport to the block you are looking at (Crosshair)
/warp [name] Teleport to a selection of useful locations

Become VIP

Creative :houses:

:pencil2: :construction:

VIP Commands :large_orange_diamond:

Command Description
/jump Teleport to the block you are looking at (Crosshair)
/ptime Change the time! (Only affects you).
/pweather Change the weather! (Only affects you).
/speed Change your flying- and walking-speed.
/ci Clear your inventory.

Become VIP

Survival Rank Guide


/mcnotify - Turns on/off ENEMY BLEEDING
/mcability toggles your mcMMO abilities on/off
/ci - Clears your inventory (No confirmation)
/depth - Shows how far down you are from Sea Level
/afk - Marks you as Away from keyboard
/getpos - Gets your current X Y Z, Head position and more
/motd - Shows the Message Of The Day

/plot auto - randomly gives you a plot in Plot World
/plot add - Adds a player to your plot
/plot remove - removes a player from your plot

I’ll add more when I’m not tired


Didn’t TC add confirmation to the /ci now?


Nope, The latest update to Essentials removed that


:disappointed_relieved: :persevere:


I thnk, I’ll check later today :slight_smile: Jus don’t quote me on this


Seems like it! What a shame. I’ll check the config. Maybe this can be enabled again.


This is wrong. /mcnotify only toggles ability notifications. They will still be triggered.

I’ve added an mcMMO section. I will not list every command available. Just the important ones.


They can’t be triggered with it off, tried :wink:

Edit: It just hides the spammy ENEMY BLEEDING from your screen if you’re getting XP, or leveling mcMMO (Swords/Axes/Unarmed) mainly


ohh it just stops the spam from Enemy Bleeding


I know this isn’t meant to be here but this is worth a shot to add:

[Disposal] First line on a sign creates a disposal Sign.
To create Must be [Expert1] Or Higher.
To use: [Starter1]+


Good news: /ci and /clearinventory now requires a confirmation!


I would add /ticket web to the list as that’s probably the most important /ticket command for users who want a gui.


Thanks for the suggestion. Added /ticket help. That includes it.


I’ve added /shop and /cityportals because despite being already part of /warp, I’ve thought that they’re pretty important, just like /wilderness.