Command Reference 📋

A list of useful commands across our servers. :keyboard:
I’m collecting useful commands over time. If there is something missing please either feel free to edit this wiki or if you don’t have permission let me know by replying to this topic!

Some commands have a lot of options and provide their own help pages in-game. Try to add help to a command, e.g. /auction help. There is usually also an in-game command list. Try /help.

Global Commands :earth_americas:

Command Description
/server <server-name>
Switch servers. Valid servers are lobby, survival, dropper, mi
/glist Shows a list of online players across all servers.
/msg <player>
/w <player>
/tell <player>
/t <player>
Send a private message to a player.
/report <message> Create a new ticket for the staff team. Use this to report griefs or players violating the rules.
/ticket Shows your open tickets.
/ticket help All ticket commands
/banlist Show a list of bans issued by staff

Survival :crossed_swords:

Command Description
/rules Rules for the Survival Server
/list See who is online on the server.
/afk Mark yourself as AFK
/ci Clear your inventory. Careful! This cannot be undone.
/near List players nearby.
/time Shows exact current server time.
/eseen Check when a player was last seen (online).
/chestsort, /invsort Toggle sorting of chests or sort your inventory.
/unload Unloads player’s inventory (except hotbar) into matching chests.
/dump Dumps player’s inventory (except hotbar) into any chests nearby.
/search <item> Searches for items in nearby chests.
/nerfphantoms togglespawn Disables spawning of phantoms. (This will only affect your phantom spawns and re-enable after leaving the server.)
/dynmap hide, /dynmap show Make yourself hidden/visible on Dynmap.
/sit Sit down at the current position.
/lay Lay down at the current position.
/sittoggle Enable/disable sitting down on blocks with right-click.

Teleportation & Getting around
Command Description
/tpr Teleport to a random location in the world.
/spawn Teleport to the start zone
/wilderness Teleport to the wilderness. A teleport point which changes regularly
/shop Teleport to the shopzone.
/bank Teleport to the bank.
/cityportals Teleport to the cityportals.
/nether Teleport to the Nether dimension
/tutorials Teleport to the tutorial.
/warp <name> Teleport to a selection of useful locations
/sethome <name> Set a home at your current location.
/home <name> Teleport to a previously set home
/delhome <name> Deletes a set home.
Teleport to your previous location. Very useful if you died and want to go back.
/top Teleports you to the highest block on the position you are standing.

Trading & Money
Command Description
Show your current balance on the server.
/pay <player> <amount> Send money to another player.
/trade Send a trade request to a nearby player.
Auction (sell or buy) an items on the server. Use /trade to send items over long distances, not /auc.


You should claim land to protect it from others destroying it. This is done with a golden shovel.
Some useful commands for land claiming:

Command Description
/claim Claims a small rectangle/square.
/trust <player> Give another player permission to the claim you are standing in.
/untrust <player> Remove build permissions for a player.
/abandonclaim Remove your claim (everyone can build).
/claimlist Lists your claims with their coordinates and claim amounts.

All land claiming commands

If you are not allowed to or want to place a “lock” on containers or doors within a claim. This is done with a command and punching the said container or door. Here are some example commands:

Command Description
/cprivate Lock that only the player & allowed others can open.
/cpublic Lock that shall allow the block to be opened by any player.
/cdonation Lock that allow other players to place items but cannot take them back out. Only the player that locked it could take the items regardless of /cmodify.
/cmodify <name> Adds a player to the access of a lock.
/cmodify -<name> Removes a player to the access of a lock.
/cinfo Displays the target’s protection information.
/lwc Other commands of the plugin.

All chest locking commands with further descriptions

Command Description
Shows statistics for your mcMMO skills and power level (See Survival Rank Guide.)
/mcrank Shows your rank (skill level) compared to other players.
/woodcutting, /mining, /swords, […]
Show detailed infos for your skills / skill progress.
/mcability Toggle on / off your abilities.

All mcMMO commands

VIP Commands :large_orange_diamond:

Command Description
/tpa Send a teleport request → Teleport to a player
/tpahere Send a teleport request → Teleport a player to you
Teleport to the block you are looking at (Crosshair)
/ptime Change the time (only affects you), but doesn’t affect mob spawns. So be careful with this one!
/pweather Change the weather! (Only affects you).
/ci Clear your inventory.
/warp [name] Teleport to a selection of useful locations. Refer to the farm worlds topic!
Open your backpack to store or retrieve items.
Caution: items will fall out of your backpack on death!
Allows you to edit armor stands to let them strike poses!
Flints also open a menu for this if you right click.

Become VIP

Dropper :parachute:

Command Description
/hub Returns to map selection.
/hideplayers Hides other players from sight.