Tallcraft RLCraft

We’ve added an RLCraft server!

What is RLCraft?

A modpack which extends Minecraft by over 100 mods. It makes survival more difficult, increases realism (dragons!) and immersion and adds RPG elements. Similar to how you can level up skills on the survival server, there is also a skill system in RLCraft. There are also a lot of new creatures, most of which want to kill you.
You can check out the modpack here

How to connect?

Install the modpack and connect to


The server is allowlisted, if you want to join us please reply to this topic with your Minecraft name. The minimum requirement to join is having the rank Expert1 or higher on TC Survival.

How do I set it up?

If you don’t want to use the Twitch launcher, follow the ‘manual installation’ instructions here.

The official RLCraft Wiki:

Will this stay?

Maybe. We’re testing it out for now and if there are enough active players on the server we will keep it.


Here are some screenshots. Please add more! :slight_smile:

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I got some screenshots too!


Tee_jay__ im VIP on normal survival and also in rank ultimate

Rolahr, I’m ult6 I believe? And VIP.

Added you to the allowlist! :slight_smile:

Monkey_Mcdonald is my IGN

Added you to the list. Have fun. :slight_smile:

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thanks a lot! will do.

I’d like to join! My IGN is Anrif319

I’d like to try! AkiraDM

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My Minecraft name is Philly_G, may I be whitelisted?

Hi! Sorry you need to have rank Expert1 or higher on the survival server in order to be allowlisted.

Hey Tall, figured I’d give it a try. BtwItsTiger.

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Budderfactory seems interesting to me so it would be appreciated to be whitelist also i am ult something

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Made it to Expert, may I be whitelisted now?

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Hi, würde mich gern auch whitelisten lassen, als langer Stammspieler (mit Pausen), aber VIP + Ultimate auf Survival. :smiley:
IGN: zwibelzwen

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hi it’s flyingshelf im an expert 6 or something i think

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I would like to join too!
My IGN is WalkingStash and my rank is Expert 4 or 5 (at least it was the last time I checked)

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Added you to the allowlist! :slight_smile: