Tallcraft RLCraft

Can I be whitelisted my username is xXTealGolemXx

Last I checked I was Ultimate 3. I also have VIP

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oh wait you have to be expert?

damn. anyways my MC username is ServersBroken__


Can I be whitelisted? My mc name is a_rain_dear and I’m expert 2 or 3.

Added you to the allowlist. Welcome to hell - I mean - RLCraft.

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also why do you need to be whitelisted? and why do you need to be expert to be whitelisted?


please add me my minecraft userneame is _kyoshi_warrior_

Added you to the allowlist. If you put your username in ` it will display it properly.

Hello I am OmegaBlade757 I am ult on survival please add me to whitelist :slight_smile: also add me to white list of minecolonies server I am interested in that too! :smile:

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Hello it’s Pearl here! I’m asking on behalf of one of my friends since they aren’t able to set up a forums account rn. His username is Piggygong, and I believe he is Expert5 in the normal survival world.

may i be whitelisted? ign is MilkFic !

Added you both to the allowlist! :slight_smile:

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I wanna give it a shot :smiley: names iamthe_faceofbow

You’re allowlisted now.

need to be whilisted IGN: biernot

Added you to the allowlist.

I guess I’ll try it out ign:jagbean09
(ultimate 5 and VIP)

I’ve added you to the allowlist. :slight_smile:

i will try ign:hydrowharf33
(ultimate 4)

Done! You should be able to join now.

Little late to this party but wouldnt mind a go.

ign is Breago