This was my first ever server, and I was banned in 2013. Want to get unbanned!

This was my first ever minecraft server. I remember the first feeling of playing on the creative alongside my mates. However, in survival mode, a few things occured back in the day with my friends from school on the server! A few of us had griefed a mate and got banned. We all had this one town that we ruled! Bedrock…village? Back then I was called SuperC1971 alongside my best friend Superk1971, and we both got banned in summer 2013. It would be great to relive the feeling and nostalgia on Tallcraft, as that’s where it all started!

Below I have my ban message capture…

6 years!

-tookieknows a.k.a SuperC1971

6 years! That’s crazy. I’ve unbanned you Welcome back!

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