TNT Explosions Blowing Up Blocks

Hi everyone!

I enjoy building automated farms to make life easier, but something that I am unfortunately not able to do is make TNT powered farms, such as wood and stone due to numerous plugins. I would really like if there was some way to make TNT blow up such as in the nether, the end, in claims where you do /claimexplosions and maybe even under sea level (as the server prompts).

I understand this might be hard with all the plugins, but it would make automating more things a lot easier.

Thanks for reading!


I would also love this idea as well, as cobblestone is kind of a pain to get. But I do understand that it is kind of hard to track TNT as it turns into an entity once it ignites. One other thing I would suggest is that if this idea were possible, could we also be able to break bedrock on the nether roof if it’s within a claim? This would help to expand the possibilities of a few farms.

yeah I agree, that would be handy.

I’m sorry for being this kind of guy, but I don’t think it should actually be enabled. TNT is the cause of so many glitches that shouldn’t exist. I don’t think Tallcraft should be an anarchy server in regard to people just using glitches to do what they want. There are several glitches that are allowed, and I think being able to break bedrock is cool, but that could open holes in the overworld, causing countless horrible things to happen. I think there would be many problems that come with enabling TNT with certain plugins. People always find a way, and if people do find a way to beat the system and use TNT for griefing, tons of bases could be griefed. Sorry, but I don’t think they should be enabled.

I see your point, but newer people who are more inclined too grief would a) probably not put in that much work, as to figure out how to exploit it
b) maybe it could just work in the nether
c) even if worst case scenario happened (which it most likely won’t) and somebody exploits it, rollbacks exist and the chance of someone putting in that much effort is minimal
d) on your point of tnt being the source of so many glitches, what do you mean? Other than bedrock removal.

dude, removing bedrock shouldn’t be a feature. It’s plain and simple, it makes farms better, but that is exploiting a glitch that isn’t supposed to exist. The point of bedrock is to have an unbreakable block. Being able to break it devalues everything. Even then, many people have their bases in the nether. I’ve made a town in the nether. I am unsure of why everyone thinks the nether is worthless when so many people a: live there, b: make GIANT farms there, and c: make places for other people to live there. Also, there is bedrock at the bottom of the nether too, so it still happens. Also, if someone would not care to put the work into griefing, obviously they’d get banned, but if the original of the item(s) they destroyed would be gone, it would just be a copy that was returned to you. If I lost my Tallcraft head, I’d be livid, even if I got it back, I would have lost the original that I won in the tournament that I spent several days training for. Also, there are ways to have the bedrock item, once again devaluing a lot of important aspects of minecraft.

Bedrock removal glitches can be disabled even if tnt is enabled.

Ok, so you could block having bedrock in your inventory, you could make it so tnt only blows up in claims that allow it and also breaking bedrock is not my main point

oh and star that’s nice so the only problem would be potential griefs.

I agree with this, as I would like to explode TNT in the overworld, as long as it is not in somebodies claim and is not within the damage distance of the explosion.

I think if (as star said) you can prevent bedrock removal, and make it so that tnt only goes off in claims where you allow it this would be a good addition, and would improve the server for a fair few people.

I mean, all the farms that involve TNT can be made in the nether, with the exception of the cobblestone farm which requires use of water. Perhaps TNT could also be allowed in the End Dimension to help combat this issue? This way we could still keep TNT out of the Overworld, and allow players to still have one area where they can be safe from TNT (and store originals of items).

On the topic of removing bedrock not being a feature, we really shouldn’t be able to get to the nether roof either by that logic. The nether roof exists to keep players from going any higher, but with a simple /top (or one of the various other methods to do it), we can easily get to the nether roof. I don’t really see an issue with allowing players to remove bedrock in the nether roof on small scales to help develop more farms.

NO we cannot allow this it makes griefers easier to grief

I agree, maybe only in the outer end islands? Or I still think that in claims that you do /claimexplosion TNT should blow up blocks. Also as Pearl says with your logic 3bams, you shouldn’t be able to build your town above the nether roof anyway.

We have been thinking of ways to prevent griefers, and ways this could work.

I 100% agree with this. I believe this would be a great addition to the server but i totally understand this would be hard with all the plugins.

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I beleive papermc(extended/imroved Bukkit and Spigot API that the server runs on) patches this.

Reference line 33


This is the main configuration file for Paper.

As you can see, there’s tons to configure. Some options may impact gameplay, so use

with caution, and make sure you know what each option does before configuring.

If you need help with the configuration or have any questions related to Paper,

join us in our Discord or IRC channel.


IRC: #paper @ ( )



verbose: false
config-version: 20
save-player-data: true
console-has-all-permissions: false
region-file-cache-size: 256
incoming-packet-spam-threshold: 300
suggest-player-names-when-null-tab-completions: true
enable-player-collisions: true
chunk-tasks-per-tick: 1000
load-permissions-yml-before-plugins: true
bungee-online-mode: true
max-joins-per-tick: 3
player-auto-save-rate: -1
max-player-auto-save-per-tick: -1
save-empty-scoreboard-teams: false
use-alternative-luck-formula: false
allow-headless-pistons: false
allow-piston-duplication: false
allow-permanent-block-break-exploits: false
allow-headless-pistons-readme: This setting controls if players should be able
to create headless pistons.
allow-piston-duplication-readme: This setting controls if player should be able
to use TNT duplication, but this also allows duplicating carpet, rails and potentially
other items
allow-permanent-block-break-exploits-readme: This setting controls if players
should be able to break bedrock, end portals and other intended to be permanent
early-warning-every: 5000
early-warning-delay: 10000
threads: -1
tab-spam-increment: 1
tab-spam-limit: 500
page-max: 2560
total-multiplier: 0.98
enabled: false
online-mode: false
secret: ‘’
no-permission: ‘&cI’‘m sorry, but you do not have permission to perform this command.
Please contact the server administrators if you believe that this is in error.’
connection-throttle: Connection throttled! Please wait before reconnecting.
flying-player: Flying is not enabled on this server
flying-vehicle: Flying is not enabled on this server
authentication-servers-down: ‘’
enabled: true
verbose: true
server-name-privacy: false

  • database
  • settings.bungeecord-addresses
  • settings.velocity-support.secret
    history-interval: 300
    history-length: 3600
    server-name: Unknown Server
    experience-merge-max-value: -1
    remove-corrupt-tile-entities: false
    phantoms-do-not-spawn-on-creative-players: true
    phantoms-only-attack-insomniacs: true
    falling-block-height-nerf: 0
    tnt-entity-height-nerf: 0
    disable-teleportation-suffocation-check: false
    enable-treasure-maps: true
    treasure-maps-return-already-discovered: false
    armor-stands-tick: true
    non-player-arrow-despawn-rate: -1
    creative-arrow-despawn-rate: -1
    spawner-nerfed-mobs-should-jump: false
    entities-target-with-follow-range: false
    zombie-villager-infection-chance: -1.0
    zombies-target-turtle-eggs: true
    all-chunks-are-slime-chunks: false
    mob-spawner-tick-rate: 1
    water-over-lava-flow-speed: 5
    use-faster-eigencraft-redstone: false
    prevent-tnt-from-moving-in-water: false
    iron-golems-can-spawn-in-air: false
    disable-thunder: false
    keep-spawn-loaded-range: 10
    light-queue-size: 20
    auto-save-interval: -1
    delay-chunk-unloads-by: 10s
    use-vanilla-world-scoreboard-name-coloring: false
    per-player-mob-spawns: false
    prevent-moving-into-unloaded-chunks: false
    count-all-mobs-for-spawning: false
    fixed-chunk-inhabited-time: -1
    optimize-explosions: false
    baby-zombie-movement-modifier: 0.5
    max-auto-save-chunks-per-tick: 24
    duplicate-uuid-resolver: saferegen
    duplicate-uuid-saferegen-delete-range: 32
    filter-nbt-data-from-spawn-eggs-and-related: true
    disable-creeper-lingering-effect: false
    max-entity-collisions: 8
    grass-spread-tick-rate: 1
    nether-ceiling-void-damage-height: 0
    portal-search-radius: 128
    portal-create-radius: 16
    allow-non-player-entities-on-scoreboards: false
    parrots-are-unaffected-by-player-movement: false
    disable-explosion-knockback: false
    armor-stands-do-collision-entity-lookups: true
    keep-spawn-loaded: true
    skeleton-horse-thunder-spawn-chance: 0.01
    disable-ice-and-snow: false
    container-update-tick-rate: 1
    MinimumTicks: 100
    MaximumTicks: 600
    enabled: true
    min: 20
    max: 40
    disable-pillager-patrols: false
    nerf-pigmen-from-nether-portals: false
    disable-chest-cat-detection: false
    disable-unloaded-chunk-enderpearl-exploit: true
    disable-sprint-interruption-on-attack: false
    disable-relative-projectile-velocity: false
    scan-for-legacy-ender-dragon: true
    shield-blocking-delay: 5
    disable-player-crits: false
    disable-end-credits: false
    spawn-chance: 0.2
    per-player: false
    ticks: 12000
    per-player: false
    day: 5
    soft: 32
    hard: 128
    maximum: 0.0
    enabled: true
    engine-mode: 1
    max-chunk-section-index: 3
    update-radius: 2
    • gold_ore
    • iron_ore
    • coal_ore
    • lapis_ore
    • mossy_cobblestone
    • obsidian
    • chest
    • diamond_ore
    • redstone_ore
    • clay
    • emerald_ore
    • ender_chest
    • stone
    • oak_planks
      no-tick-view-distance: -1
      flat-bedrock: false
      cactus: 3
      reeds: 3
      auto-replenish: false
      restrict-player-reloot: true
      reset-seed-on-fill: true
      max-refills: -1
      refresh-min: 12h
      refresh-max: 2d
      enabled: false
      COBBLESTONE: 300
      cooldown-when-full: true
      disable-move-event: false
      sound: -1
      impact-sound: -1
      flash: -1

Yes I know the patch can be disabled but I think its patched for a reason

Sorry what was patched?

On the subject of tnt duping, I know it’s a little exploity but Mojang have been able to fix it with a lot of times (basically every update they could have) but I understand if it is a little too cheaty for tallcraft, I just really want tnt to blow up blocks :slight_smile: