Unban for "lealixa"

lealixa: I was banned in 2019 by Thierrycool (when I was a lot younger, my name back then was supercutiegirl). It was either me or my brother online, since back then we had a shared account. But, it was before we knew any rules; We were greifing and stole from some chests. Im extremely sorry, and I hope you can understand! Thanks for taking the time to read! :)))

(also, sorry I don’t have much information, I don’t remember much from back then, I didn’t even know I was banned till today. I think I deleted the server a while back, but now I want to log back on :slight_smile: )

Hi! Since your ban is quite old I’ve lifted it.
Before playing, please read the rules:

thank you so much! have a great day :))

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