Unofficial TC Clientside Modpack

I wish to ask for your blessing or lack thereof in creating and sharing a clientside community mod/shader/resourcepack for TC

I want to make it as transparent as possible and i plan on using Packwiz and a Public Github pages setup to forward it to a multimc instance.

The idea is to bring the joy of clientside mods to the players who dont know how to handle mods on their own or for people who want the pleasure of not having to update their own pack/mods (it would auto-update on launch)

This is mostly directed to Tallcraft (paul) himself as i could not for the life of me figure out how DM’s work on this site. Any input is very welcomed though.

Thoughts? Yay or Nay?

-Salt (Saltis)


Sounds like a cool project! Note I can’t approve this as anything “Tallcraft” official since I don’t know which mods would be included and also probably don’t have rights to any of the mods used.
I know that @Nixnameable had looked into modpacks before perhaps you can reach out to her too.
Generally mods used on Tallcraft should not give you an unfair advantage. There is an incomplete list of mods we’ve explicitly approved here:
Allowed and forbidden mods
Beyond that I think you can use common sense or ask when in doubt!


I have indeed used @Nixnameable 's post as a base, what i was mostly after was if i would be allowed to share/distribute the modpack on your platforms (Discord / Forums) //Note any files shared would be hosted publicly on github

And with licences being all over the place i would actually prefer it being “non official” regardless :face_with_monocle:

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Open source is the way to go :clap:

Sharing a link to the modpack sounds fine. As long as it’s transparent what’s in it.

Do you think it will be Forge or Fabric?

It would be a fabric based modpack for several reasons:

Launch Time
Broader Mod support past 1.12.2


Sounds good!

CF just updated their API today so gonna have to put it off for the time being until packwiz have worked out their end.

Any updates on the modpack? :slight_smile:

They recently moved over to the new curseforge api so now its just down to me having the time to set it up :slight_smile: Vacation soon so that is probably the time :stuck_out_tongue:


Sidenote: Im bad at checking in to my posts at intervals.


Have not dropped this, ran in to some issues with compatability and simply dont have time this exact moment to work through it!

Also 1.19 dropped and a couple mods like litematica have a slow release because of rewriting their code :d