We have shut down Dropper, HG and RLCraft

Hi folks!

As previously announced on Discord:

Due to low player counts on Dropper, HungerGames and RLCraft we have decided to shut those servers down. This allows us to focus resources on Survival and also makes room for new servers in the future.

The original Tallcraft Dropper map was published on minecraftforum.net and can still be downloaded from there. Note that it will require an older version of Minecraft to play. We have since updated the map to be compatible with Minecraft 1.16.5. For the latest version please see the download linked below.

I have completely disabled the dropper.tallcraft.com connection address rather than pointing it to Survival to prevent people from connecting and asking for Dropper which was rather annoying at times.

That’s it - that’s the post. If you have questions please comment below!

Download links:

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Just started spending time on Survival again…looking forward to seeing those numbers climb back up again!


How do u join back on survival, i tried joining tallcraft but it didnt work (pls help)

See How to connect to our Minecraft server :video_game:

No like, i mean when i type in the server code, it says random minecraft verisons and says “Not the right verison” while i play on the latest verison. so in other words i mean that i cant connect to the server

Please try again now. We should now allow players to connect that have updated to the latest Minecraft version 1.20.6.