Wondering if its possible to get unbanned

Hi My minecraft user is QueenDesSabo. I was banned back in 2017 for hateful speech I don’t quiet remember what I said but I was wondering if it was possible if i could get unbanned :slight_smile: I do miss the server a bit. Ive also grown a lot since then and know how to be respecful.

Hi I made a form but you guys never got back too me, My Minecraft name is QueenDesSabo i was banned back in 2017 not sure what i said but i assure you ive grown since then and was wondering if i could get unbanned :slight_smile: miss the server a lot

Staff are volunteers and may take a bit to get to your ban dispute - please be patient.

Hello QueenDesSabo!
Since it has been years since your ban, we have decided to unban you. Please remember to read the rules before rejoining. Welcome back!

I will thank you so much :slight_smile:

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