Your Ideas for the new Survival World 🗺


Mob healthbars work for me, but keep in mind that they’re basically nametags filled with Unicode-hearts. So if you’ve disabled nametags or your client is unable to display these characters, that might be the reason you don’t see them.


Well like some Mods for Modded survival showing what mob they are and what their Hitpoints are.
I wonder if theres a plugin for that.

Villagers don’t have the Unicode-hearts when punched.


For the nether, it could be like you said. The current world stays, as it has all kinds of builds and things, but, a considerably smaller map that resets every month or so. That way, it makes gathering resources easier, and, it also introduces a new risk. In the current nether map, it’s so large that you never have to fear other players finding and killing you. With a smaller map, the risk goes up and could make it much more interesting/exciting.


But Tallcraft is a peaceful server though.
Players only go to Nether Arena to PVP that’s about it.

But with more parties popping up, this will make things way more interesting.
As you Don’t need to give back the items they lost.


In my opinion, PVP should be limited to an arena only. The only reason I go to the nether is to collect materials, and I don’t want to have to worry about getting killed by someone. Plus, there have been lots of controversies in the past over not giving items back (like when everyone got TP’d to the nether to witness the first NoLife player and someone killed a few players).


Maybe that’s something we can have a poll about in the future. I like both ideas. Having to pay attention when going to the nether, making te trip more dangerous sounds nice. But I’ve also seen these controversies. If we stick to nether = pvp we have to set clear rules.


A warp or a some set way to get to the End would work great. Something like the Nether’s /nether command. It’s kinda a pain to have to TP players who don’t have a home in the end over so they can set one.


How do we provide that without taking away the challenge of getting to the end?


Currently there is no challenge. Almost everyone i know has gotten to the end via teleportation, me included. I’ve never even been near the end portal, ever. Teleportation has removed the end challenge. The challenge is simply finding a vip player willing to teleport you, that’s it. So i’d say either make it illegal to teleport people to the end, or set a warp?


I don’t have many ideas, but one is grapple hooks:


That seems like it would invalidate the /j function that can be purchased in store either as a single option, or with VIP. Sure, it adds pulling mobs to you, but you’d lose one of the appeals that makes the store purchase worthwhile.


I disagree, I think that will break the economy. Because a lot of people use selling shulker boxes as a way of making most there money. So I think maybe resetting every 1 year would be better, or if you want less maybe 6 1/2 months. Its good to have items that are hard to get in survival, but if we just hand it out it wont be rare any more, if you do start a shop I think the shulker boxes should be like 100k so that no one will buy. They would only buy if it was like last resort of something, because handing out shulker boxes would hurt people trying to make money off of them. And oh maybe your saying that they should make their many a different way, but I feel like that would kind of be the same as taking away the mines and saying, oh maybe they should make money a different way. And I know there not exactly the same but some people like flying around the end more exploring, then strip mining for 7 hours. And maybe cause they arent skilled at mining and find it more fun to fly around the end. And I mean like who doesnt like that more.


While working on the Wilderness (I don’t know if its worth doing now since 1.13 is right around the corner (End of July it MIGHT be releasing. (1.13 Pre 6 so far) .
Okay getting off topic, I browed the intervibes and i found this:
It would be so cool to replicate / customize for TC, Thoughts?


On the other hand, if it’s possible to go down into the code and make it so that shulker’s no longer drop their shells, and the only way to get them would be in a seriously expensive shop sign kind of like a more expensive version of the elytra, a frequent end reset would still give the mob challenge they present when raiding, without the massive influx of shulker shells.


dats wut I said Enty boy! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


I might work on an underwater style wilderness. You know, since it’s the aquatic update?


Ah! I was thinking about that :smile: I second the idea (tbh it’d be crazy not to have an underwater style wilderness to showcase the new big aquatic update)


I was thinking, since other servers like MI and dropper can be updated to newer versions before survival, what about creating a seperate server for the new 1.13 world and opening it immediately? Kind of like how whenever there’s a new update goes to that version quickly but the main survival server just stays on the older version for a while. I know there would be no plugins like sethomes, MCMMO, or claims, but it would at least give us a chance to get started right away in the new world. The IP could be something like


This does sound like a good idea, however that would also mean that there would be no protection at all and no logs (eg. no rollbacks possible, so I can almost guarantee you that players will steal each others things and players will just accuse others randomly, etc…) and we would have to import the world into the actual survival server afterwards which, while possible, will just make things the update process even longer.


Alright then, scratch that. Another suggestion I have is to add a crates-based voting system. They help boost player turnout (from what I have seen) and it would motivate more players to vote. The rewards for vote crates could be things like $5,000, a cow, pig, sheep, or chicken egg, 4 diamond ore, a mob spawner (very rare chance, something like 1%) a stack of Bottle O’ Enchanting, and other useful items for survival gameplay. They would have different chances of you getting them from least useful being highest (mob eggs or $5,000) to most useful being lowest (mob spawner).