Your Ideas for the new Survival World 🗺


When 1.13 / 1.14 comes we’ll get a new additional world. :world_map: This world will have a new concept and can also have new plugins.
If you have ideas about what we should add, or improve compared to the current world, please post them here. To illustrate your ideas you can also post screenshots or links to the plugin pages.

I’ll start with a suggestion by a player:

The ability to transport mobs with eggs. :egg:

For example, this is very helpful when you venture out far and find an animal which you want to bring back to your home base.

I know we already had some of this discussion on the old forum. Since we don’t have that anymore you may also post ideas from there.

Minecraft 1.13 - Server Update
New Survival World

Maybe a end reset once every 2-3 months or a admin shop for shulker boxes so that shulker boxes will be obtainable still


Yes, good point, we should definitely have some way to “replenish” the nether and the end. Maybe that can be a reset, or an additional world just for farming that resets every now and then.


I agree. I’ve seen in other survival servers a long long time ago, that had a warp to an island/world where it sort of renews itself every month? That way, resources can never run out for the players and it’s very useful.


What about building a new lobby and shopzone too? From what I know, the current ones are are at least 5 years old (they are in pictures from ads that date back to 2013) and it would be a fun community project to build new ones.


Maybe a way for old cities/places in general, to npt… go “stale” if you will. They all usually get mined out and abandoned, which kinda wastes memory, etc. If there were some way to keep it updated so we wouldnt have to keep expanding the qorld with every MC update. Idk if this is even possible, but it would definitely be good to look into. Maybe there is a form of world edit or something that could make this happen?


I would love to see a new spawn & even better, a new lobby.
I Myself tried building a fully natural Lobby (Kept some old features into the new one)
but the server I hosted it from, wiped my data as I was inactive (RIP!)

If its possible @tallcraft I would love to try build a lobby everyone would enjoy together.

We could possibly evolve the spawn as if its populated or something. Or have a apocalyptic Hellish Spawn, So many ideas coming to my mind.


You suggest to move them to a different world if they’re inactive? Hmm… interesting idea. The problem with that is that a landscape around a city is also important. I’d rather try to fully claim / protect a city when it’s inactive. Maybe we have to do this more consequently.

Oh I seem to misunderstand. You want to re-use/ replenish them somehow? Can you elaborate?


We can definetly think about a new spawn and shop zone. How about rather having them in the new world spawn zone than in a separate world? Would fit better.
I’m also still thinking about a way to protect the zones near the center of the world from griefing and overall destruction over time. Maybe just no access to those zones directly but only like a wilderness spot that’s moving. Or some sort of randomised tp (not fully).


I could try think of something


Well, just a way to keep resources (iron, gold, wood, diamonds, etc) available at a same place for quite a while, so that the town/city doesnt get mined out, caise then people will abandon that place, to look for more resources, leaving yet another town empty and wasting space


Do you think that’s the main reason towns get abandoned? I’m not sure about that.
Having a farm-world or central area for farming would maybe help with resource depletion. Alternatively there are also plugin which can help with that.


Ooh Theres a plugin that lets ores respawn after while,
maybe thats a Bit too overpowered?


Im not saying rhat it is the main reason alone, but it does play a huge factor. A public farm would honestly be a great idea.


Maybe All mob Health Bars (So we know when they’re nearing death)


I may just do it differently but when it comes to mining, I know to sort of venture outside the city because it’s pretty obvious the limited resources if everyone mines at the same place. I’m not sure if it’s different for anyone else but I think housing is seen as a way more crucial factor when people first come to a town. And even if the mining resources specifically are down, they’ll still continue to stay bc their house is there. p.s. Frostwood has a mining area and a y=12 room, where you can expand the mine wherever. Obviously, the resources (gold, iron, etc.) will be really low but I think it’s still useful for mining obby, cobblestone, and such.


Also, this isn’t really an idea but a worry I’ve had for a while now, and that’s that towns in the old survival are bound to die out because of lack of new residents. (Which are essentially the foundation and reason for a town) And I’ve heard some people say they’ll continue to play on the old survival world, but to someone who first arrives to TC Survival (potential residents), why would they play on an old survival world if a new one opened up with much more bountiful resources and such? I mean maybe some would, but I doubt the numbers would be enough to keep towns open. Especially in the long run.


Yes! Ive always been fond of the mob health bars, but was disappointed when they wernt on tc.


Just tested, mob healthbars work? And they did since we have mcMMO.


maybe they wanted to see like the number or percent of the health.