Minecraft 1.13 - Server Update



Minecraft 1.13 has been released

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Tallcraft Dropper has been updated to MC 1.13.2

The other servers are s till running 1.12.2 but we will update them as soon as possible.

Is Tallcraft running 1.13?

Yes, Tallcraft Survival and TC Dropper have been updated, but if you want to play on the other servers please change your Minecraft version to 1.12.2 in your game settings. Here is an article on how to do that:

When will Tallcraft update?

We have a network of servers consisting of Survival, Creative, Dropper and MonsterIndustries.
The “small” servers like Dropper and MonsterIndustries are usually updated quickly. The update for the more complex servers such as Creative and our main server Survival can take longer.
We can’t give you an estimate about that yet, because we are dependent on the developers who maintain the server software Tallcraft is running. Things are looking good though, they have already released development builds for the Minecraft 1.13 pre-releases.
Once we have a stable version of the software and everything has been thoroughly tested we will open the updated server to the public.

Survival - A new world

We’ve had our main survival world for a few years already and have decided to release a new (additional) world for the new 1.13 update. This means more space for you to build and all the latest world features 1.13 comes with. Items between the new and the old world cannot be shared. If you decide to play on the new world you will have to start fresh. You can, however, return to the old world at any time. We will not delete anything!
We will release more info about the new world once it’s ready.

If you have ideas for the new world please let us know:

I’ll keep you updated about the server updates here. If you have any questions please reply to this topic.
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Minecraft 1.13 release date!


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IMO the worst things about 1.13 are the phantoms. Huge pain in the rear to deal with. They can kill you in a few hits (even with diamond armor), are hard to hit, and will harass you if you don’t use a bed for more than a few days.


This is why I only login to the temp server when there is 0 players online, So I can sleep and don’t let Phantom’s spawn


The lobby server now also supports 1.13 clients to log in. Not very stable yet though.


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I experimented with combat vs phantoms, and found that there’s a simple trick to kill them. Find a nice flat area, dig a two deep hole 1x1 size, and they will smash into the ground, and come to a near stop in front of your face with you out of reach. You then just hit them, they fly off and repeat. Do so until dead. All it takes it a 1x1 wide hole 2 blocks deep and you’re set.


Or have a great aim with a bow


idk if this is true or not but some people were saying u were gonna get rid of mcmmo, plz dont because that has become a part of the server and you havent really expirenced the mcmmo grind yet so plz dont get rid of mcmmo or old worlds like our stuff, thats pretty much all that i am very concerned about for the new update. sorry my typing is all over the place thats cause im using one hand rn because i wanted to get this done before i forgot about it, and ya know ima stop talking


Any new news on when we can expect the official 1.13 update?


1.13 came out 18th July 2018
but servers aren’t quite ready as theres stability issues, (still are in 1.13.1)
Maybe 1.13.2/1.14 would fix this,


Any ideas on how long it will be before the server officially updates to 1.13?

1.13 Test Server

I’m currently very busy with university. I’ll look into it once I have more time. Things are looking quite good from a technical point, although some important plugins haven’t been updated yet. We’ll need to find alternatives or work on the code ourselves.
I’ll keep you updated on this topic.


Quick update:

I will attempt to upgrade TC Survival to Minecraft 1.13 this weekend.
The new world is postponed until further notice. I’ve checked, it should be possible to upgrade the existing world to 1.13 for now.


1.13 (please im begging you)

Thanks! I have been waiting well over a year for 1.13. I can finally get a start on a few projects now. How long do you guesstimate until the new world is created? Since 1.14 is going to change generation somewhat, it might be wise to make the world smaller for now and not expand it larger until 1.14.


Would be nice to have a new world for 1.14, but that’s not decided yet.


Update post concerning 1.13 Survival


Is there any way we could at least get a small official 1.13 world? I as well as lots of others have been waiting for almost a year now to do anything since we heard about the new world. I have projects I’d like to start already. :stuck_out_tongue: Also, are there plugins or something that allow for item transfer without Multiverse? I have been stockpiling resources to build my new base and I’d hate to not be able to use them.


I understand the issue and I like your idea. However, if we want to have a fresh 1.14 map we can’t start one in 1.13 already.
One option is to have a temporary world (like on the 1.13 test server) and later migrate to the official 1.14 world. This would require a lot of manual work though. Not sure if it’s feasible.