1.13 Test Server


You can’t even AFK fish in /survival

What I’ve seen past 2 years Its a /kick then if they continue its a ban
Why straight up ban the TWO active players from the TEST server for afk fishing? Its not like the server is going to be kept anyways


I’ll admit I was afk fishing also, but I think because it is a test world that it is kinda okay to be able to afk fish. Afk fishing is the only reliable way to get shells for conduit in the early game. Since it is a test world, shouldn’t we be able to test out new things on the server until it come to the main world?


Who would spend HOURS fishing normally? And with no AFK timeout on Lab, You can afk for hours and not get kicked, You can afk in the overworld and prevent players from sleeping throughout the nighttime so the pesky Phantom mobs won’t spawn and attack you.

There is plenty of more reasons to afk fish:

  • nautilus shell (Has a 0.08% Chance of catching)
  • Enchanted Books (Enchanting in 1.13 is rigged)
  • Fishing Rods
  • Food
  • And lastly, XP.

So I have no clue why you Tallcraft want to ban Fishing on the test server.

Will we ever be unbanned?

Also, I’d like to add that it doesn’t say “AFK Fish Farms aren’t allowed” on the /survival server. Nor does it say on tallcraft.com/#rules
If I’m also correct, AFK Farms are allowed on Survival, But the Kraken spawns when you’re actually AFK fishing. (To prevent abuse for mcMMO)
So Sivan & I Aren’t in the wrong.


Unrelated question: Will this be available for download when it goes offline?


Yes! I’ll provide a download for the world. :slight_smile:


There have been some misunderstandings about the rules, especially afk farming.
Given that there was a bug with the spawn location on the new test server and not all players could read the signs at the spawn, I will unban @Sivanbees and @Ent.
As it now states in the post above and at /spawn of the test server: All Tallcraft Survival rules apply!


Thank you Tall for unbanning Sivan & I.


Thanks you kindly Tall. :smile:


I’ve created a plugin to make Phantoms less annoying. It’s still a work in progress.

For now I’ve reduced their health from 20 to 10 on the server.


THANK YOU. I hate phantoms with a burning passion and so this will definitely help.


I actually want them beefed up, and have unpredictable attack patterns. More fun that way


If you need mending books go to this cords : X 816 Z 3603, its for 12 emeralds and 1 book. Just make sure that everyone can just it.


No fun now


Add me to whitlist, pls


There is no whitelist. VIPs are automatically granted access. Just run /server lab.


Can we have /warp end and /warp nether?


May we have treefalling off cuz I getting less from does trees, or maybe a command?


Hmm I might join too actually …


I’ve also noticed that! I’ll check if it’s a bug or a configuration setting.

Update: Seems to be a bug. I might have fixed it though (by disabling animations). Can you try again? @Sivanbees


Updated to the latest version for some bugfixes. :slight_smile: