2016/2017 Tallcraft Survival Community

I suddenly remembered of my time playing in TC back then. I met so many great people then. It played an important role in shaping my childhood. I was 11-12 and I remembered how the rest of the people were usually much older and already in their teenage years.

Now and then, I head back to TC’s discord and no longer see the sight of the players I used to see. 6 years have passed, and I was wondering… How are yall doing atm?

I’ve been doing really well. I remembered leaving TC for a major examination then. Cut short 6 years on, I’ll be starting my journey on a 3 year Diploma in Mass Communication this year :3


Hi! Lots of things have changed since the server started. I’m a relatively new player (only been on the server for eight months or so), so I don’t know all that’s happened in these years, I hope other more experienced players can fill in the blanks. Also, what I’m saying only applies to the Survival Server, I’m not too active on the Dropper Server. But here’s what I know:

Firstly, the currency has changed from gold to diamonds, anyone with 100k+ has had their money changed back to 100k. I think you can recover the gold you’ve lost if you had over 100k, however I’m not entirely certain so you’ll have to double check. Here’s a link to another forums post discussing the matter in more detail: Economy change - Gold to Diamonds - News - Tallcraft Forum

Secondly, I’m not sure if this was a part of Tallcraft while you were active, but there’s a claiming system - use a golden shovel to claim land and other commands to lock other blocks such as chests and furnaces. Of course, just ignore this if this was a thing a few years back (probably was to be honest). Anyways, here’s a link to Neverywhere’s forums post about the claim system: Protecting yourself, your land and your blocks - Support / Guides - Tallcraft Forum

Lastly, there’s a bunch of new players joined and older players gradually becoming less active. We can’t talk about all of them, that would take months and months, there are so many of us who’ve joined Tallcraft through the years. It’s always great to hear from the OG players who’ve come back!

Thanks, from Istax


Hey! I started in 2015 myself and still active today so likely we have spoken in the past! Glad to hear how your life is going and hope you find some time to hop on tall craft would love to join you in looking at old builds :smiley:

Ham, so great to hear from you and hear that you are doing well!

I first joined the server in 2014 but no longer am super active. I do still continue to stop by from time to check up on friends and old builds. It’s nice to see new builds and meet new people when I do stop by.